‘Your Husband Just Called Two Hoyas Liars’

What are these people, sophomores? I know we joke about the GOP being the Smug Ham-Necked College Keg Stand Party, but I didn’t, you know, think it was a real thing:

Here’s a little more evidence that the McCain-Palin campaign is playing the hardest of hardball on Trooper-Gate — especially in regard to press relations.

Jason Moore, a reporter with Anchorage-based KTUU-TV, just confirmed to TPMmuckraker that Megan Stapleton, a spokeswoman for the McCain-Palin campaign in Alaska, called his home to complain about one of Moore’s news reports, and accused Moore of calling Stapleton and another McCain staffer liars.


Moore told TPMmuckraker that he and Stapleton — who was a press aide to Palin before eventually moving over to the McCain campaign — used to work together as co-anchors on KTUU. “We’re friends,” he said.

When Stapleton called his home, said Moore, she reached Moore’s wife, and immediately told her: “Your husband just called two Hoyas liars.” Stapleton, O’Callaghan, and Moore’s wife all attended Georgetown University, whose mascot is the Hoyas.

Calling the guy’s home is just the kind of creepy, stalkerish move I’d expect from their type, but I got to the freaking MASCOT REFERENCE and started laughing so hard I wheezed. Is this a thing I don’t know about, being an elitist Wisconsin chick who went to state school, where Hoyas Do Not Lie, or is this like a Skull and Bones sitch where now a dead fish is gonna show up in somebody’s car and then the incriminating photos get shipped to the papers? Anybody from Georgetown care to enlighten me on what is clearly a very important issue?


10 thoughts on “‘Your Husband Just Called Two Hoyas Liars’

  1. I guess we have now learned that some Hoyas are liars. It would help my comprehension of this a great deal if I had the slightest idea what a Hoya is. Maybe I’m one too? Or, maybe my wife is? My dearly departed dog, perhaps?

  2. Well, sorry to say, I googled this. Hoyas are tropical climbing plants, one being “dogbane”. So, I was buddies with a hoya for 13 years – I’m now assuming that dogbane and dog are the same. My dog never once lied to me.

  3. Hoya Paranoia! When John Thompson was basketball coach and the team didn’t talk to the press I thought that was a sports thing. Now I see it’s a Georgetown thing. Also, Georgetown employs Doug Feith. Don’t go quoting any honor code to the little people you stupid douchemooks.

  4. I’d just like to tell Stapleton (in my best Brooklyn accent):
    Yaw a Hoya. Yaw all a buncha big Hoyas.

  5. I think we need to start using the term Very Important Issue when Republicans bring up stupid shit. And trademark it.
    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a Very Important Issue(tm).

  6. Now that I’ve looked up “Hoyas” and assume this is the Georgetown mascot and not a flower,
    I see what looks like the Univ of Georgia bulldog with a bad case of cyanosis. How does this interfere with the ability to tell a truth or lie?
    Or is Hoya now going to be a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb. As in I was a POW on 9/11 with the Hoyas and 9/11’ed the Hoya POW.

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