Today’s Whiny-Ass Rich Prick(s)

Why yes. Yes, they do. The owners, anyway.

Warning: This post is somewhat sports-related. However, it does involve mocking a rich prick. So there’s something for everyone.

As you may or may not know, last night, the New York Yankees were eliminated from a possible appearance in this year’s MLB playoffs. This has not happened in fourteen years.

I am not here to dance on the grave of the NY Yankees’ season, nor to mock their fans. Oh no! I’m here to talk about what incredible wads of fuck the owners are.

You see, George Steinbrenner, the douchebag owner, ordered his son Hank to bitch, in the press, about how the baseball playoff system sucks. And to slam Joe Torre, who the prick-ass team of Steinbrenner and Son fired after last season. All Joe Torre did, you see, was take the Yankees to the playoffs for twelve straight years when he managed that team. This year, he’s with the Dodgers in LA. And guess what? His team will almost certainly be going to the playoffs this year. That, in itself, is a beautiful cosmic fuck-you to the Steinbrenners. But, being the stupid pricks they are, they can’t see that. So they go whine in a newspaper column, and make themselves look like even bigger fuckheads. 

And you didn’t think that was possible.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Whiny-Ass Rich Prick(s)

  1. It is, to paraphrase John Oliver of the Daily Show, like finding a vein in a fuckassery junkie.
    (Yesterday’s TDS: Best. Daily Show. Ever. Without a doubt. John Oliver kicked ass.)
    Seriously, though, what is with the Steinbrenners? It’s not just the fuckassery, it’s the stupid. But you see this with owners a lot: “I’m paying for this enormous payroll of players, and they’re what’s making us win, not this whiny coach guy. If we start losing, I’ll just go out and buy more ridiculously expensive players.”
    What made the Yankees so good for so long was that Torre knew how to handle those ridiculously expensive players and get the most out of them.
    Let me know how this all works out for you, George and Hank. (Hank. WTF kind of name is that for a WATB rich kid?)

  2. Hank’s a fuckwit. He forgets all those years where another decent AL East team like the Sox or Jays would miss the playoffs, thus missing an opportunity to prevent HIS team from getting to the World Series.
    The Yankees are old and have no pitching. End of story, literally.

  3. they are taking the ‘everyman’ sport and making it for the rich. a pox on the monopoly!
    i am so over baseball after that 2nd strike.
    SALES TAX PERMIT! not getting me to pay for that stadium.

  4. Torre didn’t get LA to the playoffs.
    Manny Ramirez did so, entirely in the last 2 months.
    We in Boston will EAT IT for letting him leave.

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