First Draft Fundraising: FINAL DAY!

It’s the last day of our drive. If you haven’t yet contributed and you can, please consider doing so. At the end of the day, the pestering ends, and that’s it for the year.

Donate Here!

Thank you to everyone who’s contributed so far. I am aware, painfully so, that this is a terrible economic time, that people are dealing with hurricanes and layoffs and medical bills and stock market implosions and insurance fallout, and the intent of this kind of fundraising isn’t to guilt anybody who has bigger things to worry about. It means a lot that you all, contrary to the usual response to shoot the messenger, want to helpsupport the messenger.

Maybe because, like a newspaper with LifeStyle Section, in between OMG WE’RE SCREWED, we give you things like this:


4 thoughts on “First Draft Fundraising: FINAL DAY!

  1. Arr and avast! Ye all should be donatin’ to the good ship First Draft smartly, ye lubbers! For the dread President Bush could be followed by the even worse bilge rat, John McCain. Don’t let the pirate-y “Mc” fool ye, nor the fact that he’s a former seaman–remember what that Cain fellow did!
    (In honor of Talk Like A Pirate Day–we all must do what we can to stop global warming…)

  2. I saw Madeline Albright! Woot! (I met her at the airport once, I only said, “I don’t want to take any of your time, just, “Thank You””)

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