Hang It Around His Neck Until It Rots

It’s not often I disagree with John Cole, at least not lately, but this is just one big NO.

I’m sorry, but this, after months of how Obama and William Ayers want to have each other’s gay babies so Jeremiah Wright can initiate them into the America-Hating Society of Black Militant Muslim Christians, I can’t get too worked up about tarring John McCain with the brush that has Rush’s nasty sputum all over it. I’m sorry, I know this is probably indicative of my many faults as a human being because I should be Better Than This, but seeing as neither Rush nor McCain is going to miss a meal in the forseeable future I think they can probably take it. This isn’thubris, it’sjustice. Hell, it’s even factual into the bargain, kind of a bonus 46 days out. Mostly I’m not upset because we have stuff to DO HERE RIGHT NOW and let’s do the pre-emptive concern trolling later, but also?McCain and his moron brigade crawled into the cage and begged for this.

They tied themselves to these people, they and everybody else with an R after its name who’s said nothing up until now. We’ve got a world imploding and part of the reason for that is that for the last two decades this sick drug-addled old boot has been telling self-involved choads nationwide that what they need to do to get over the nagging feeling that they suck is hate some more, and I’ve seen up close and personal what a constant diet of that kind of putrefication can do to a person’s moral insides. You know those pickled livers and lungs and shit they hold up to scare kids off booze and smoking? Picture that with your soul.

And for the past two decades (more like three, especially if you count the Lesser Limbaughs getting their jollies commie-hunting on college campuses in the 1960s) Republicans have been fine with whatever hatred spewed out of talk radio for one reason and one reason only: It won them elections. It got them votes. It served its purpose. They were fine with having these people cheer them on. They were fine with appearing on the shows and chuckling with the same nice folks who called for the violent deaths of my friends and my colleagues and my family, because everybody I loved who was a liberal or a journalist deserved to die. This wasn’t academic. This wasn’t facetious. They were serious, and what was the Republican response? Tolove on him like a lonely spaniel in need of a leg.Praise him in Congress. Jesus Marie.

They were slapping his face all over their brand, but naturally now we’re gauche for mentioning it.Rush Limbaugh owns the Republican Party. They let him buy it, because every deranged fantasy that amoral buttplug came up with dovetailed just beautifully with their power-grabbing wankshow and man, they could work together so well. So if the stinking pile of manure they ordered happens to smell a bit just now, when it’s being shoveled onto John McCain’s doorstep, pardon me for not working up much more than a shrug. And an offer to take a turn with the backhoe, if you want to sit down for a minute.


9 thoughts on “Hang It Around His Neck Until It Rots

  1. Amoral buttplug. Sweet.
    Yeah, I say remind everyone what kind of hate nourishes the Republican party. Because it IS the party of hate and intolerance.

  2. I agree with tying McCain to Limbaugh, and that’s why I wish Obama had gotten his facts straight. Rush has a piece up on wsj.com arguing, compellingly to me at least (and remember I’m on your side), that the quotes in question are taken out of context. The “shut up or get out” quote was made in reference to the Mexican government’s actions, not the US’. The “stupid Mexicans” quote is also on shaky ground — it was part of a larger point that NAFTA was going to cause the US to lose unskilled jobs to stupid and unskilled Mexicans (OK, racial slur right there, but keep going!) in Mexico.
    I think we should be able to smear McCain in an entirely truthful way, especially a) because we’re the f’in’ good guys, and b) the tradmed is finally getting onboard the “McCain much less truthful” bandwagon, and this sort of thing sets up back to square one.
    I thought Cole (who I agree is almost 100% pitch-perfect) was wrong on the idea that McCain has been steady-eddie on immigration. This is a man who claimed that he had absolutely no intention to vote for his own bill — a bill he now suggests he WOULD support. Flip, meet flop.

  3. Forget Rush. What crack is John Cole smoking regarding McCain’s stance on immigration? Read this latestPolitico article on McCain’s flip-flopping on immigration issues. Immigration lawyer friends state that McCain is an insult to anyone watching the immigration debate.McClatchy has also caught McCain in outrageous lies regarding immigration discussion.

  4. “God darnit, Miz Athena – you use yore tongue prettier than a twenty dollar lobbyist.”

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