5 thoughts on “Ring em up

  1. I’m pissed at Dodd for conceeding that the $700 billion dollar bailout was necessary right out of the box. Even if it’s true why not just hold your council? I think it’s a crap strategy for legislating to show your cards so quickly. The detailed legislation that Dodd introduced is pretty good but it’s the start point for negotiations, not the end point. The start point from Democrats should have been “What crack are you smoking that you think we’re giving one unelected political appointee $700 billion dollars with no strings? That’s a complete non-starter with any President, let alone President 19%.” Instead the start point is tweaking the President’s crappy plan, not building a good plan from scratch. That sucks.

  2. No strings, no enforcement, no oversight, no accountability? And no hope at all for the little people who’ll actually end up paying the bill?
    Something needs to be done, but this ain’t it.

  3. No, No, NOOO! I don’t care if the world explodes if we don’t bail out Wall Street. That 700 billion is OUR FUCKIN MONEY! I don’t pay taxes every year so some Goldman Sachs exec can get away with throwing money around like a crack-addled gambler.
    Tell Bush/Paulson that their deal is dead on arrival, create a real plan, hell reinstate Glass-Stegall in its entirety (which would cause breakup of Wachovia,Citigroup, et.al.) and insist that any money given to Wall Street includes a full stake in the company, not just all the bad paper.

  4. Admittedly, the anti-reg crowd got us into this mess and we need to consider the harm done by the disintegration of our finances. Under Bush’s leadership the dollar has fallen in value and the market has been 8 years of bitter grapes. So by the china shop doctrine, he should fix it (yeah, right!).
    *) handing over almost a trillion dollars without oversight – Can anyone say KBR no-bid contract?
    *) I’m somewhat bothered that the tax money of someone making minimum wage will go to bail out CEOs walking away with exhorbitant bonuses. Just in the last 24 hours have been reported 39 billion among 5 firms.
    *) Add to this that the firms involved are not known for their mercy in dealing with those who owe them. What is good for the goose…

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