6 thoughts on “As Long As We’re Giving Advice

  1. well, i think it’s just now going for the pity vote. he’s down to throwing spoons and salt & pepper shakers. kitchen sink is too heavy.

  2. Like my old pappy said, we were so poor when the depression hit, it didn’t affect us in the least. So I say fuck the market, and fuck bush/mcswine. Eat shit wall street.

  3. This is one of those things that reminds me of the kid who strikes out during a little league game and then says, “I could have gotten a hit if I wanted to. I just didn’t want to.” Ohhhkayyy…
    Let’s forget for a moment that you can’t have Palin on stage without McCain, unless you’re speaking to a group of old folks at a roadside Stuckey’s. After all, if she shows up and all sort of people show up while JMac is trying to explain his views on Metamucil to a house as packed as the upper deck of a Royals game in September, that whole “Obama’s relying on his star power” bullshit line looks just a wee bit hypocritical. So, the best thing to do is fold up your tent and go back to D.C. so if you let Obama wander around out there and campaign, it’s the old “how crass can you be at a time of crisis? What kind of leader are you?” bullshit. If Obama’s not out there campaigning, he loses the momentum of the moment and the ability to remind people that it’s not his party that got us to this fucking disaster movie in the first place. Is there an easy solution? Sure.
    1) Hit McCain in the face with a big bag of nickels
    2) Walk over his dead political bullshit body
    3) Win (As Toby once noted, they’ll like us when we win.)

  4. Sid, I dunno, I’ve watched my own meager savings go to shit in the market and I’m worried about my parents and my in-laws and others who are depending on retirement savings invested in what everybody until recently was saying were safe places, but the thing I keep coming back to is this: Where is the guarantee that THIS is what is gonna fix it? Where’s the spreadsheet showing me that if we give Hank Paulson keys to the big vault with all our money in it, we’re gonna be left with anything but a nickel and a “sorry, you knew what we were when you gave it to us?”
    I wouldn’t trust these people with five bucks to get me some milk and bread at the White Hen, much less with something of this magnitude. I’m willing to believe there is something that needs being done, but I am not at all willing to believe a) Bush’s boys know what it is and b) even knowing, can accomplish it without it turning into a festival of dumbassery, patronage, greed and corruption.
    Which conclusions lead me to begin stashing pennies in a coffee can, which I plan to bury in the yard.

  5. A., the fear about retirement savings is huge for me right now, given that Mr. BuggyQ’s about to retire.
    But here’s the thing: I don’t believe them. I don’t think this is really as bad as they’re saying it is, and frankly, I think they’re manufacturing the whole crisis (just SAYING the banking industry is in bad shape is Instant Crisis–no water needed). Yes, it’s bad–I’m not cute enough to pull off Hayley Mills as Pollyanna–but I don’t think every bank and every stock is going to tank if they don’t get the bailout done.
    I wouldn’t trust them as far as the length of their tiny, tiny dicks. And if I don’t trust them to tell me the truth on this, why in the name of all that’s holy would I even *consider* handing over $700 billion to them, especially when they ADMIT that’s a number they pulled out of their collective asses?
    70 years from now, mark my words, there’ll be a Broadway musical about this.

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