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Girl in the War: The Hunger Games and Violence for Children

My Facebook friend RP pointed the way tothis repulsive piece in Slate about how, just how on earth, we will ever explain to anyone younger than 40 that the world sucks:

ThatMockingjay will eventually become a movie is one of the safest bets in Hollywood. WithHunger Games, Lionsgate is hoping to unleash the next great young adult movie franchise, filling the void left by the $7 billionHarry Potter series, andTwilight, which has already earned $2 billion and wraps up with a final film this fall. The studio (which also produced theTwilightfilms) has already announced its plan to render the book trilogy as four movies. At some point, then, the producers are going to have to figure out how to make the depressing and chaotic finale into a film (or films) with broad appeal and a PG-13 rating. How will the producers satisfy Collins’ 20 million or so readers, along with millions more curious newcomers, with what is essentially a war movie, and, more troubling, an unmitigated bummer?

Children, naturally, beingnotoriouslysheltered from violence. Children who would never everendanger each other for the sport of the rich. Children whose deaths areso much more moral, because at least we don’t televise them for our entertainment.

Mr. A and I hit a midnight screening of the film, unable to wait for a sedate daylight matinee, and so we were the oldest people in the sold-out theater not toting a minivan full of teenagers. When the opening credits rolled the cheers about busted the roof off, and these were young women, girls primarily, packed six deep in the popcorn line.

They were leaning forward in their seats for a story about a young woman their own age who takes an entire political system designed to dehumanize and punish, and tells everyone involved in creating it to go right to hell. To take all their neuroses and all their needs and all the ways they’ve made young people something for their own amusement, and shove it up their privileged, entitled, arrogant asses.

The imagery was terribly violent and upsetting: the Reaping, with its deliberate echoes of draft boards and concentration camps; the fighting, filmed like a contemporary war documentary in nausea-inducing shaky-cam verité. Teenagers with their necks snapped, teenagers with knife wounds, shot through with arrows, blown up in explosions, turning on one another. Overcome with fury, weeping with fear, singing out in laughter in even the direst of straits. One of the most upsetting scenes in the entire film is, of course, about an act of kindness, because it’s so alien amidst all this.

Forget any parallels to Occupy, though they’re there. Just think about how adults talk about teenagers generally. Just think about the drumbeats for every war that ever was: How “we” in the person of some 18-year-old who signed up because college is a forlon hope or to feed his family or to get out of some burned-out hellhole must defeat “the enemy” and how the minute one of those actual 18-year-olds saysif it sounds so awesome to you let’s switch places, they become that enemy themselves. It’s not too much of a stretch, from there to here.

Who fights our wars? Who signs up for our armies, full of pride about representing their countries? Who dies in the bombings, who is blasted to pieces by mines? Who runs the drugs? Who packs the crates and ships them off to blow a crater in someone else’s life? Who comes home burned, broken, sorrowing, scared of his own shadow? Who comes home in a box, the flag draped over it intended to give some kind of comfort?

We’re fighting two wars in this country right now, do we really think it’s so strange a thing, a story about the aftershocks of conflict and the effects on those who had least to give and most to lose? A story about the sacrifice of the young and innocent, about what happens when people become abstractions amidst The Rules?

Do we really think that will be so hard to understand?


My sign penis is bigger than your sign penis

Signs involving the recall of Scott Walker are nothing new out here in Cheeseland. Some conservatives would argue these signs were being printed as election results rolled in that night in November 2010. However, with the recall finally in full swing, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon regarding the signs and their placement.

The “Recall Walker” signs have been in full bloom for months and range in color from green and white to blue and red. The bumper stickers are everywhere and are orange, white, blue and more. However, these are all about the size you’d expect: 11 x 17-ish yard signs and regular sized bumper stickers.

Pro-Walker supporters appeared to have fewer signs and fewer stickers, but for the most part, they were retreads of the signs he issued when he was running. The standard “Walker: Governor” signs dotted a few lawns out here, but they seemed to be outnumbered by the “Get rid of this asshole” plaintives.

About three weeks ago, I saw my first “mega-sign.” A farm on a main county road out here had this billboard-sized monstrosity strapped to a couple metal poles in his front yard. Later that week, a guy in town had another one that almost dwarfed his home, proclaiming “I STAND WITH SCOTT WALKER.”

These John Holmes-ian pieces of cardboard have started showing up with much more frequency in the past week. The number of pro-recall signs is still much, much higher, but the pro-Walker crowd appears to be playing the “bigger is better” angle.

Each side has the right to make its own show of strength. I’ve taken to watching Netflix and 30 for 30 reruns to avoid the Walker TV ads. Radio out here is particularly dicey, as his annoying voice just pops up on the air before you can switch it off. The only good thing about this election hell is that you get to watch random PACs go after Rick Santorum with the voracity of a starved pit bull. In any case, you want big signs, fine. You want tons of TV ads, go for it. The networks are happy to take your money.

However, when you go to the polls, your giant sign penis doesn’t give you any special privileges.

It will be one person, one vote.

There are No Voting Problems, Everything’s Fine!

My old hometown paper, opining that it’s totally okay to take away people’s rights if it doesn’t seem like a major inconvenience or anything:

According to clerks, there were more problems with redistricting, which changed the voting place for many voters. They were sent to their new polling spots — which should last them for another decade until the next census.

But the quiet first test of voter ID here hasn’t quelled the opposition to it — the lawsuit to overturn it continues and there is a Milwaukee rally this weekend with the title: “Own Your Vote.” In testimony for a temporary injunction last week, a University of Wisconsin political scientist testified the voter ID law could block as many as 220,000 potential voters from casting ballots in the coming spring elections.

Like other dire warnings over past hot-button issues in the state — concealed carry, for instance — we don’t see that happening. It may take a little getting used to, but those who want to vote will be able to and those who shouldn’t, won’t.

This is my other least favorite journalism thing: I personally did not see anyone inconvenienced so it is all okay. Violations of voting rights are not a problem only if there are riots at the polls. You don’t know, for example, how many people stayed home for fear of not being allowed to vote, or how many people figured eh, if they really don’t want my vote then fuck ’em (or how many people are so depressed about the Assclown PIcnic that is our politics these days that they just would rather watch MASH re-runs).

News media shouldn’t be a monolith, but there are a few things everybody operating by the grace of freedom should be able together on, and one of them is that making it harder for people to vote in order to solve a problem that doesn’t exist is not only stupid, it’s dangerous. So there weren’t riots at the polling places. Doesn’t make it right.


Channeling His Inner Ebenezer


While the political press had a good laugh aboutEtch-a=Sketches, Paul Ryan doubled down on his screw the poor vision of our country.

But it’s one thing to say to hell with ’em, and quite another to pretend it’s “for their own good.”

Ed Kilgore:

I know that some conservatives with the best will in the world have concluded that smaller government, lower and more regressive taxation, and in general a world where private forces exert more power produce a better society for everybody. I don’t agree, but I can respect their position. But when they befoul it with this sanctimonious claptrap about concern for the “moral fiber” of lesser breeds, it makes me crazy…

You know, much as I dislike theviral adolescent-intoxicating legacy of Ayn Rand—you know, the author ofAtlas Shrugged, the book Paul Ryan used to (or for all I know, still does)require his staff to read—at least she had the honesty to disclaim any pity for the poor. Indeed, she called altruism the one great moral abomination, as bad as “looting.” I’d have a lot more respect for Paul Ryan if he loudly and proudly embraced the “virtue of selfishness” himself, and didn’t pretend he wanted to cut food stamps in order to improve the lives of the working poor through some character-building hunger.

The Leftist Media Killed Trayvon Martin for Obama


The Martin case is a legitimate local news story, of the type that crops up now and then – in major cities like New York, where I live, we have multiple crime stories a year that involve sensational or particularly tragic facts and – at least at the outset – a significant possibility that injustice will be done either to the victim, the defendant, or both. Such cases test public confidence in the competence and fairness of local law enforcement, and sometimes find both to be wanting.

But the media feeding frenzy over this particular story – one out of the thousands of homicides in this country – in apparent response to a left-wing campaign to keep it in the national news, reflects at best a loss of perspective and at worst a cynical effort to inflame racial division in an election year.

Never forget, after all, that the real enemies here are Mexican immigrants:

Or turning to the present day, if the point is to use crime stories to dramatize real world concerns, what about a story that affects a lot more people than the fairness and competence of the Sanford, Florida police department: incursions into the U.S. by Mexican drug cartels?

No, the leftist media is clearly trying to make the 2012 elections about race, since nobody at all was going to mention the fact that the president is black before Martin’s murder:

The reality is that the Trayvon Martin case is being pushed by left-wing organizations eager to provide a backdrop of racial strife to this year’s elections – a dangerous tactic, given how frequently popular agitation over these kinds of racially divisive stories have led to riots that leave people dead or homeless and local businesses and jobs destroyed. And that while activists on both sides of the aisle often try to get big media to focus on particular crime stories that advance some national political or cultural narrative, the media is much more apt to be receptive to such campaigns by the left than the right.

A) Would that that were so, because:

B) Nearly every major right-wing-fueled “story” of the past four years has been utter bullshit. Or did someone really carve a backwards B into some McCain voter’s face that time?


What Would Amelia Do?

You know, what with everything with an R after its name taking every single opportunity on the planet to be just the biggest penile implant that ever was, it’s easy to overlookHOW FUCKING AWESOME CHICKS ARE:

A finger bone fragment, DNA samples, a photo showing a wheel protruding from water.Amelia Earhart disappeared 75 years ago, but the clues continue to surface.

On Tuesday, Secretary of StateHillary Rodham Clinton is set to meet with historians and scientists as a new hunt is launched for the wreckage of Earhart’s Lockheed Electra plane.

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery will begin the search in June, according to the Associated Press, off the remote island of South Pacific island of Nikumaroro, in the nation of Kiribati.


Where Are The Doctors?

Go read this now.

4) If you are forced to enter an image of the ultrasound itself into the patient chart, ultrasound the bedsheets and enter that picture with a comment of “poor acoustic window”. If you’re really gutsy, enter a comment of “poor acoustic window…plus, I’m not a rapist.”

If I didn’t already have the best doctors on the planet, I would sign up for this person’s practice so fast.

This is the flip side of “conscience clauses,” isn’t it? If a doctor can refuse to perform an abortion because it interferes so with his moral compass, a doctor can refuse to rape a patient because to do so interferes with his moral compass.


Like Reagan Did. In the Cowboy Movies.

This is all a thing put on by that Borat dude, right? This can’t seriously be our election:

9:54 p.m. ET: Santorum says it’s time to nominate someone who “knows in your gut that big things are at stake in this election.”

“Saddle up like Reagan did in the cowboy movies,” he says, adding that he feels “very good” about winning the Louisiana primary on Saturday.


So Sorry We’re Troubling You

So yeah, the Romneys are trying to“court women put off by the contraception debate,” according to the New York Times and, Oh My God. I’m so fucking sorry this debate makes some Republicans feel all icky.

You know what? There’s a cure for that. It’s called, keep your goddamned hands off our birth control and we’ll shut up about it.

Got that?

God. I’m so sick of you people. What the fuck is wrong with you? I’ll start being “angry about the entitlement debt that we’re leaving our children” when you stop trying to take away rights thelast generation burned their bras and marched in the streets to get for us.

The paternalistic pats on the head have been getting increasingly obvious over the past week. And I’ve got news for all of you: we’re not shutting up. This clock ain’t rolling back, people. It’s justnot happening. Got that? As long as state and federal governments ratchet up their attacks on women’s reproductive rights, we’re going to scream and holler about it.

So if you want it to stop, thenyou’re gonna have to be the ones to stop provoking us. Stop what you’re doing. It’s that simple. Jesus, how much more obvious can it be?

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A friend sent this over and I laughed so hard I wheezed:

The one for Santorum ispriceless, too.


Nobody Could Have Anticipated This

Honestly, I haven’t known what to say aboutthe Trayvon Martin case because there’s just so much hurt there, but I can’t get this family out of my mind. We’ve got a young black kid going to 7-Eleven to get his little brother some Skittles and a trigger-happy wannabe hero with a history of seeing boogeymen behind every bush, plus a completely fucked up Florida state law that makes it nearly impossible to prosecute gun crimes, and a local police chief who mangled the case eight ways to Friday. It’s just a perfect storm of suckitude all the way around.

No, scratch that, it’s not a perfect storm, this was absolutely, 100% predictable. Because young black teenagers will walk to the store to get candy. And trigger-happy neighborhood watch captains with a hero complex will shoot innocent people. Stupid redneck cops will look the other way. Every piece of this story played out exactly as we all said it would. Somehow “told you so” just doesn’t feel adequate to the situation.

So now the Dept. of Justice and the FBI are getting involved. Finally, finallya grand jury is being convened.Finally I’m hearing calls for Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee to resign.

The Sanford PD doesn’t have a good track record, by the way; their last police chief resigned in 2011 after a police officer’s son with a history of violence was filmed attacking a homeless man. That police chief didn’t do anything either, until public outrcy demanded justice. Sanford, I think you have a cop problem. Just sayin’.

Predictably, the gun loons and Teanuts are circling the wagons. So far their best argument is that this can’t possibly be a hate crimebecause George Zimmerman was Hispanic. Right, of course, only white people are suspicious of male black teens, all of those other brown folk are just kinda lumped in together into one big happy chocolate soup, amiright people? /sarcasm.

I’m pretty much an open book regarding my strong dislike for guns. Every time I write a blog post expressing my intense dismay at another wingnutty piece of legislation putting ever more people into unsafe contact with guns, the gun loons troll my place en masse telling me I need to read my Constitution. Or else I’m misinformed, and here are these reams of data showing states or countries with really liberal gun laws, and see how they have fewer gun accidents? So I’m just wrong and hysterical, blahbedy blah.

And you know what? I don’t fucking care. Just shut up. You own a gun to kill things. Killing is wrong. Isn’t that the “pro-life” position? People arestupid andirresponsible and can’t be trusted with guns. Rednecks in particular are bad with guns. And also, you know what? Sometimes, shit just happens and innocent people die. This shit happens every single day in this country. And it seems logical that if there are fewer guns out there, fewer accidents like this will happen. But the gun loons live in a fear-based world, where everyone needs to be on high alert because some black kid might try to steal their laptop.

And really, is this the argument? I need a gun to protect my shit? I don’t get that. Take the fucking laptop. Unless you’re transporting gold bouillion and bearer bonds on a regular basis, you don’t need a gun to protect your shit.

I don’t buy the “I need to protect myself” argument, either. Unless you actually know someone who wants to kill you, and that has to be a very, very small number of people, then there are other ways of defending yourself. You know, if all you have is a gun then everything looks like a target.

And please don’t tell me we need an armed populace to protect against tyranny. Seriously? You think your collection of AK-47s is going to match the entire U.S. arsenal that we’ve spent billioins of dollars building? Hilarious. In this day and age, a piece of computer code will do more damage than all the militia nuts in Georgia and Montana combined.

Nothing was stupider than seeing the Teanuts assemble at their little rallies with their guns strapped to their hips, like they were such a threat. If you guys were anything remotely close to threatening you’d have been rounded up and hauled off to jail like the Occupy protesters were. The Tea Party threatens no one in power, they’re tools and half-wits recruited by the powerful to support the status quo. Hilarious. The fact that they were able to wave their guns out in the open unmolested is proof of how toothless they were.

And finally, this is a main reason why I won’t go to Florida. Ever. Most of my relatives think it’s because I’m still pissed about the 2000 election, but that’s not it. It’s this “shoot first, ask questions later it’s MAH RIGHT” attitude that completely permeates Amygdala America. I don’t want to be around it. Florida’s law is so nebulous, anyone can claim they felt “threatened” by anything — a cross-eyed look, a liberal bumper sticker, a Sikh wearing a dastar, two guys kissing, whatever. No one reads the statute before they decide it’s their right to blow some kid away. People are stupid, I’ve already said that. They’re fearful and reactionary and it takes cases like this one to wake some folks up.

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I’ve been crazy busy, which is why my byline has been rather infrequent at First Draft of late. Why? It’s not because I have any intention leaving the team, they’ll have to pry my dead hands off my mouse or something first. I’m moving my business from the French Quarter to Magazine Street, which means I’ve been packing boxes, moving stuff around while still conducting business on Jackson Square until next Sunday.

In short, I’ll be posting less frequently until the dust (and oak pollen) settles. There are a few things I’ll miss about the Quarter but I’m cutting my overhead by joining a co-op (sounds vaguely socialistic) of arts vendors *and* will be working a mere 11 blocks from home. The only one more enthusiastic about this change than me is Dr. A who is looking forward to spending less time dodging meter maids while looking for a parking space near Jackson Square.

The new gallery is called Art By Design and will be located at 3640 Magazine. After the move, I should have more time to mock foolishness like Rick Santorum’s war on porn. Zip it, Little Ricky.

Enjoying the Slapfight

Between Romney and Santorum here ahead of the primary:

“By the way, I just saw a testimonial as to my conservatism on our website. It was an ad and it was very powerful. It was Sen. Rick Santorum,” Romney said. “He says, look, I’m Rick Santorum, no one puts words in my mouth, and I want you to know if you want to nominate a conservative, a real conservative, why you have to nominate Mitt Romney.

“Now, that was four years ago. I hope it still applies.”


Kids Today and Their Post-Apocalyptic Lit

The Hunger Games and our fucked-up future:

The books have sold some 10 million copies globally — and the author, Suzanne Collins, is the “best-selling Kindle author of all time.” They are a shrewd combination of standard YA fare — another love triangle between a girl and two boys … really? — and pop-culture riffs. You have the extreme version of reality shows likeAmerican IdolandSurvivor. You have the young girl who reluctantly grows into a ferocious killer, which started with Buffy and Nikita (if you have to ask…) and now seems to be found in almost every other movie.

The books also had some fortunate timing for the author in terms of catching the zeitgeist, since perhaps the core theme is the 99% (the 12 districts) vs. the 1% (Capitol), the poor and underfed vs. the rich and overfed.

I’ve written before about how our culture seems obssessed with the end of the world right now, with what we’d do and who we’d be if everything just caved in. The Hunger Games, the Walking Dead, The Road, the Change series, too many movies to count my favorite of which is this one for its quiet, normal brutality and dread:

Some of this current obssession is the same wish-fulfillment that’s been around since we started telling tales of the hunt around the camptire: Sure, I’m a loser here and now, but when you need somebody to terraform Mars you bitches will be lining up to blow me. Right now my archery skills don’t mean shit, but wait till I’m making you scrub my floors for some of the venison. My knowledge of feudal economic structure surely means someday I’ll have an army of vassals doing my bidding, not to mention court concubines.

But some of our present concern about having a plan for the world ending has to do with the fact that the world is, in fact, ending. The economy kids are graduating high school into is one in which fewer and fewer opportunities exist. It’s one in which the contributions of young people and especially young women are constantly denigrated: Their generation is spoiled, entitled, lazy, even as they fight for scraps with a determination that should bring us to awe. They are connected to the misery of the world like nobody ever has been before, and the mystery is not how many of them have gone mad from it but how few. And like all kids ever, they have to prove to the world that they are worthy individuals, who are themselves and not their possessions or their parents or their hometowns or their diplomas.

They can drive through their hometowns and see the burned out factories, the boarded up storefronts. They can sit at the dinner table and listen to their angry, embittered parents talk about how the old neighborhood used to be before all those new peopel ruined it. They can chuck a rock and hit a place that looks just like a science fiction film, just like a song about hopelessness, just like a District beaten into submission for daring to defy the ruling class.

It’s no wonder a story about a girl who stands up and says fuck you to all of that sings loudly in their ears. I’m two decades away from teenagehood and it plays at top volume for me.


Women Who Can Prove They Were Raped

Because this conspiracy of fake rape to obtain an abortion is just OUT OF CONTROL:

The Hattiesburg American reports, “A key provision would require doctors to search for a fetal heartbeat before performing an abortion and, if a heartbeat is found, would make going ahead with the procedure illegal. Physicians say a heartbeat can typically be detected at five to six weeks of pregnancy, with the possibility of hearing it earlier if the doctor uses a medically invasive transvaginal ultrasound.”

Women who need emergency abortions would be exempted and women who can prove they were raped would also be exempted.But the bill does much more than banning abortion after six weeks. It also doubles as a personhood measure, defining an “unborn human individual” as “an individual organism of the species Homo sapiens from fertilization until live birth.” In other words, Republicans are once again trying to define life as beginning at conception so that they can ban abortion entirely at a later date. Such a measure would ban some forms of contraception. This bill is merely the first step.

Again, what constitutes proof? A police report? Sworn testimony from some frathead that he raped the woman in question? A conviction, by which point the kid could be walking for how fast the legal system moves? Witnesses? Are we back to the “honest rape” thing from “Dr.” Paul?

PROVE you were raped, young lady! Because we all know how awesome it is to talk about your rape. We all know what kind of super-fun attention that brings you, not to mention all the presents and candy you get. I swear to CHRIST these people saw one Lifetime movie about a fake rape and decided all bitches were like this and they didn’t need to think about the fact that an exception implies the existence of a rule.

In order to determine if a fetal heartbeat is occurring earlier than six weeks, a doctor would have no other choice but to perform a transvaginal ultrasound, which is state sanctioned rape, thus humiliating women. According to the Hattiesburg American,

“Under the Mississippi bill, the State Board of Health would determine the method doctors use to search for the heartbeat, but it is possible that women who are fewer than six weeks pregnant would be required to undergo the medically invasive transvaginal ultrasound.”

You know, I have had that procedure. Many times, with my full consent, and once under coercion from an asshole doctor who essentially blackmailed me into it by refusing to treat me unless I submitted. The former instances were uncomfortable and unpleasant. The latter was horrifying.

And I wasn’t there after a rape and a hospital and a police station and a positive pregnancy test, so I can only imagine the way you’d feel “proving” yourself to these creeps in the statehouse who seem to have learned about women’s bodies from TV beamed to their planets.


In Which the Internet Continues to Kill Journalism

David Carr on Mike Daisey and the KONY2012 dude:

The easy lesson might be that journalism is not a game of bean bag, and it would be best left to professionals. But we are in a pro-am informational world where news comes from all directions. Traditional media still originate big stories, but many others come from all corners — books, cellphone videos, blogs and, yes, radio shows built on storytelling.

But there is another word for news and information that comes from advocates with a vested interest: propaganda.

Yes. No one ever pulled anything over on a reporter before these amateurs got involved and fucked everything up beginning approximately last year.

Carr goes on:

It is worth mentioning that professional credentials are not insurance against journalistic scandal.

Thank you, NEW YORK TIMES, former home of Judith Miller and this guy quoted apparently because of reasons:

I sent an e-mail to someone I know who is an expert on journalistic malfeasance to ask if, in a complicated informational age, there was a way to make sure that someone telling an important story had the actual goods.

“All the good editing, fact-checking and plagiarism-detection software in the world is not going to change the fact that anyone is, under the right circumstances, capable of anything and that journalism is essentially built on trust.”

I think Jayson Blair, who responded to my e-mail query, may be on to something.


I write a lot about the tendency to ascribe to inevitability what are actually editorial choices, and that’s evident in the commentary here. “We are in a pro-am informational world,” as if you can’t avoid being taken in because it’s all too fast and there’s too much Twittering and oh, dear, who could possibly have known with all the newsy informationals flying around. There’s this whole narrative now where if something is on Twitter it’s like you’re powerless to make the editorial decision not to give a shit.

This stuff is not that hard. If you think something’s fishy — as was clearly the case in both the Daisey fiasco and the KONY2012 business from day one — then don’t put it in your paper or on your air unless you’re sure. If you suspect someone of being less than truthful, listen to that instinct and hold off on this new Interweb story phenomenon for a day or so. There is no law really that requires traditional media pay any fucking attention at all to any source they don’t want to pay attention to.

It’s just a dodge, all the rhetoric about our crazy modern technologies and the way they’ve made us all susceptible to con artists. It’s just a way to not say, as This American Life did to its credit, “Look, we fucked up, we’re sorry and it won’t happen again.” It’s just a way to get around doing the job reporters are supposed to be doing, which is sifting through the bullshit and laying the rest out in whatever medium is handy at the moment.


Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Staff and Nonsense edition

Good morning, gentle people!

Well, Jim Rob officially came out for Newtie (and supposedly made FOX news!), and that particular cigar has been blowing up in his face – oh say – four times an hour?

We’ll get to that in a minute, but everyone please suit up and enter the iso chamber, for I have wonderful news –I AM BREITBARTICUS!!!

Breitbart will release full video of Obama tonight on Hannity at 9pm.
Andrew Breitbart ^

Posted on Wednesday, March 07, 2012 1:17:16 PM byjdokey

Obama tapes will be released tonight on Hannity tonight. Click on link for more info.

1 posted on Wednesday, March 07, 2012 1:17:27 PM byjdokey
Actually, the only thing Andrew Breitbart is releasing at this point in time is autolysis fumes.
Anyhoo, Freeperville is abuzz :

To: jdokey

Very interesting stuff! Apparently an edited version has been released but Breitbart is about to release the unedited version on Hannity tonight.

Obama is seen defending a radical associate of Jeremiah Wright.

And Jerimiah Wright was, of course, a member of the NAACP, as was Lawrence Fishburne, who co-starred inMystic River with Kevin Bacon.

It all makes sense to me now!

3 posted on Wednesday, March 07, 2012 1:19:31 PM byWilliams (Honey Badger Don’t Care)
To: jdokey

Whoooa! You think BHO bashes the Joos and the US on it?

35 posted on Wednesday, March 07, 2012 1:38:32 PM byGrandJediMasterYoda(How ironic that Ann Coulter should write a book called Treason.)
That reminds me – gratuitous Limbaugh-bashing later in today’s Obsession…

To: jdokey

Hey I thought it was 7-10 days from now…lol. That is going to be exciting. Hannity comes on at 9? I am seriously not sure.Now how will I chose between American Idol and Hannity?

Hard to say. One show features hapless losers submitting themselves to nation-wide ridicule, and the other has Ryan Seacrest.

lol. JK. This is big. Obviously I don’t watch Hannity much except at 2 am sometimes, but never during the 8-11 pm timeframe. If someone can be so kind to let me know what time this is on, I would greatly appreciate it.

43 posted on Wednesday, March 07, 2012 1:46:14 PM bynapscoordinator (A moral principled Christian with character is the frontrunner! Congrats Santorum!)
To: Scythian
“They’ll still vote for him folks, nothing matters …”

You’re right. He could round up all the GOP reps and execute them on the Capitol steps with coverage by ABCCBSNBCCNN, and they would still vote for him.

10 posted on Wednesday, March 07, 2012 1:25:38 PM byTruth29
Nonsense – what a waste of good labor! That’s what the concentration camps are being built for, you ninny!

To: jdokey
39 posted on Wednesday, March 07, 2012 1:41:39 PM byLucky9teen (Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.~Thomas Jeffer)


To: crosshairs

Breitbart’s typical MO is to have more “red meat” being held back. Hope this pic and the tape are just the tip of Brietbart’s BHO iceberg. What a gift to send from beyond!

26 posted on Wednesday, March 07, 2012 1:32:13 PM byJane Long (Soli Deo Gloria!)

The cigar explodes after the KAAAAHHHNNNNN!!!!!

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Game of The King in the North

Your Sunday night video of AWESOME: 

The first time I saw this I totally missed Catelyn’s OH WE ARE SO FUCKED NOW face. 


Presidential Soundtrack

Obama likes music made in the past decade by an artist who is blackety black black:

President Obama is out on the campaign hustings again, meaning another star-studded gala, this time time with R&B singer Cee Lo Green, famed for his hit “F— You.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney said it’s likely that the president has Cee Lo tunes on his iPad too. “I know he’s a fan,” said Carney en route to Chicago, where the president is attending two fundraisers before traveling to Atlanta for three more, one a gala featuring Green and actor Tyler Perry.

Unclear: Which version of Green’s song the president likes, the X-rated version or the popular G-rated rewrite, “Forget You.”

Heavens to Betsy. I remember this during the campaign, too, people having a shit-fit over Obama listening to Jay-Z.

Look, we can argue about who gets an invite to the White House (though as long as Dick Cheney is walking around free the conversation seems a little … awkward) but as far as the president — any president — and his personal habits go, I’m pretty lenient. The man has a difficult job. I think he should have whatever it is he needs to do that. Whatever he needs to keep him calm and not ready to rip someone’s throat out, whatever will cheer him up so he doesn’t decide to call in a nuclear strike on the house of the guy who tried to cut his motorcade off in traffic, whatever makes him feel good and ready for the day.

In Clinton’s case clearly someone needed to be supplying him with lots and lots of pussy. So long as everyone is of age and willing, I have zero issue there. FDR and JFK seemed to have much the same deals. Tedd Roosevelt liked to shoot shit. I don’t know what Bush wanted, but whatever it was that would have kept him from being mentally impaired in cabinet meetings, I wish he would have gotten more of it. Legal drugs, cigarettes, hell, legalize it for the rest of us and you can light up a spliff at the end of the State of the Union for all I care.

And if Barack Obama wants to blastPetey Pabloduring his shower in the morning to psych himself up for the day, if he wants the Secret Service to serenade him withthisor drive around in Joey the Shark’s Corvette holding a boombox out the window withNikki Minaj on top volume, I say go for it, because the guy with the nuclear launch codes gets to put whatever he wants on his iPod. Can you imagine the mood he’d be in if we restrict his listening to only that which can be safely played on the bus during a nursing home outing to a Midwest casino?


Bitches Don’t Know How Hard Conservative Guys Work to Get Tail, Okay?

Via the Crack Den, we have this mess, the most outrageously stupid and noxious parts of which have already been covered, but here’sthis bit I’d like to talk about:

Moreover, do you know what a man thinks when he hears a woman make jokes like this?

How many men does it take to screw in a light bulb? ONE. … He just holds it up there and waits for the world to revolve around him.


Because I actually agree with that. If you’re with a woman and she tells that joke, flee. Hit the road. Get the fuck out. BECAUSE SHE’S NOT FUNNY, and life is too short and stupid to spend with somebody whose entire comedy repertoire was passed on by Leno’s writers as oldsauce.

Bitter, man-hating women aren’t any more attractive to the opposite sex than angry misogynistic men are to women.

You know what? If there actually were as many man-hating women as men claim there are, the species would have died out long ago.

I know women who treat their partners like shit. I know women who talk down to the men in their lives and then sloganeer about girl power and such. Guess what? They’re just assholes and the degree of their assholitude has exactly jack shit to do with their feminism. There is no code of the sisterhood that prevents me from noticing when somebody female is being a total jerk. There is nothing about being a feminist that automatically makes you a contemptuous, disrespectful bag of fuck, and I have zero issue telling somebody, “Look, be nicer. Gloria Steinem never said to be a completely horrible creep to everyone.”

The man you’re talking to probably doesn’t know what color your eyes or fingernails are, whether your belt matches your shoes, or that some other woman in the room is wearing the same outfit as you. Also, although men do think about relationships and the women they’re dating, they don’t spend as much time doing it as women. So, they’re probably not wondering if the slight pause after your ex-boyfriend’s name means you still like him or whether their general disinterest in your story about the lady in accounting who doesn’t like your purse will give you the wrong signals about the relationship.

They’re probably wondering why they’re dating someone who cares about that shit, for serious. Men of the world, why are you dating people who sprang fully formed from the head of a dude pitching scripts to Kate Hudson?


I think I just figured this out.

Look, I read at least six pieces like this a week because I try to read the whole Internet each day, and what it all boils down to is that relationship advice goes something like this: Try as much as you can not to be dicks to each other. But in order to make that shit “edgy” there has to be this whole thing in there about how chicks should stop expecting their men to be grown-ups because that’s just too much for you idiots to handle.

And you knew the comments were gonna be win in a win bucket with a side of win, but here’s my favorite, after a thread of complaints about women “putting themselves down:”

JMD you’ve hit on my number one pet peeve about women (and some men, like my ex!
I can’t figure out they’re being self-critical or fishing for compliments but constantly putting themselves down is maddening. I have always made it a point to only say positive or ‘true’ things about myself, especially around my kids. Kids of friends who self-criticize grow up to do the same thing.

He only says positive things about himself around his children? Dinner conversation must be SCINTILLATING.