Post-Racial Society and the Journalism of the Worst

Well, I’m sure glad we’re past all possible racism in the world:

Fans of Alamo Heights, a wealthy San Antonio school district, chanted “USA!” during the regional basketball championship trophy presentation in the school’s Littleton Gym on Saturday, according to video posted byKENS5. The predominantly white Alamo Heights team had defeated San Antonio’s Thomas A. Edison High School, a mostly Latino team, by 50-39 Friday night, earning its first spot in the state tournament since 1991, the station reported.

And can I just ask, what the fuck is going on where we quote random shit off Facebook now?

Some posting on theKSAT-TVFacebook page called the Alamo Heights chants patriotic.

“I am totally with the USA Cheers,” wrote John Nicks. “They should not be forced to or apologize at all. Its Hispanic team vs Caucasian Team, whats wrong with rooting and cheering for the USA/Caucasians to win?”

GREAT. That’s just … first of all, to this fuckstick, yes, in the history of the world in no way has chanting in favor of white people ever gone bad. Never even once. And to the LA Times, pulling stuff of the local TV’s Facebook page is not, shall we say, the same as actually interviewing members of the community. Trust me when I say you can reliably find bigots in real life as well as on the Internet if what you needed was somebody to represent the “I spectacularly do not get it” demographic. Just because I love the Internet and think it can be used for all kinds of journalistic endeavors does not mean I approve of it being substituted for basic reporting.

Once upon a time we did things like going to the school’s neighborhood and talking to folks. You know, journalism. I suppose that was before the Internet ruined everything by forcing us to be lazy and stupid. Once Facebook happened, it was like we lost control of our limbs and our car keys disappeared and we could no longer go and find stuff out, and so Facebook and Twitter became the new “sources.”



3 thoughts on “Post-Racial Society and the Journalism of the Worst

  1. Once upon a time, the “reporter” who wrote crap like this would’ve been out of a job as soon as it hit the managing editor’s inbox. The dumbing-down of everything, courtesy of Murdoch and his imitators, is breathtaking, isn’t it?

  2. To me, the most bizzare part of anti-Mexican racism in the Southwest is that if we didn’t want Mexicans living in our country we shouldn’t have stolen land already filled with them in the first place.

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