Cheesy Grits?

First, a fond adieu to Virgotex and a rousing greeting to Southern Beale. Btw, the latter is a<drum roll>hockey fan and roots for some team called the Predators one of whose stars is a guy named Pekka. I am making none of this up. Since mocking hockey is one of my jobs here at First Draft, I thought I’d get an early start.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Mitt Haircut’s culinary pandering.

I used to faux admire Mitt for his ability to pander but he’s either lost his touch or his android memory drive is on the blink. I’m a mere transplanted Southerner and live in a city where grits are no big whoop but even I know that it’s CHEESE GRITS. Cheesy is, however, a word that describes Romney’s stump style.

Next thing you know, Willard will be quoting Robert Johnson and urging voters to:

9 thoughts on “Cheesy Grits?

    I just read where Mitt says a lot of his good friends own NFL teams.
    { face palm }
    I cannot believe this guy was EVER good at pandering, seeing as how he’s so supremely bad at it now.

  2. Hey, Adrastos, you know what happens this weekend don’t you? College hockey playoffs. Yummy.
    And the adorable Toewes is expected to return from his concussion tonight.

  3. I read this and thought “It’s Pekka, not Peca?” then I realized it was a different guy named after a penis.
    If I had a time machine I’d put Willie O’Ree, Mark Johnson, and Mike Peca on the same line.

  4. Campaign spot:
    “You got your grits in my raclette.”
    “Y’all got y’all’s stinky furrin cheese on my grits.”

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