Women Who Can Prove They Were Raped

Because this conspiracy of fake rape to obtain an abortion is just OUT OF CONTROL:

The Hattiesburg American reports, “A key provision would require doctors to search for a fetal heartbeat before performing an abortion and, if a heartbeat is found, would make going ahead with the procedure illegal. Physicians say a heartbeat can typically be detected at five to six weeks of pregnancy, with the possibility of hearing it earlier if the doctor uses a medically invasive transvaginal ultrasound.”

Women who need emergency abortions would be exempted and women who can prove they were raped would also be exempted.But the bill does much more than banning abortion after six weeks. It also doubles as a personhood measure, defining an “unborn human individual” as “an individual organism of the species Homo sapiens from fertilization until live birth.” In other words, Republicans are once again trying to define life as beginning at conception so that they can ban abortion entirely at a later date. Such a measure would ban some forms of contraception. This bill is merely the first step.

Again, what constitutes proof? A police report? Sworn testimony from some frathead that he raped the woman in question? A conviction, by which point the kid could be walking for how fast the legal system moves? Witnesses? Are we back to the “honest rape” thing from “Dr.” Paul?

PROVE you were raped, young lady! Because we all know how awesome it is to talk about your rape. We all know what kind of super-fun attention that brings you, not to mention all the presents and candy you get. I swear to CHRIST these people saw one Lifetime movie about a fake rape and decided all bitches were like this and they didn’t need to think about the fact that an exception implies the existence of a rule.

In order to determine if a fetal heartbeat is occurring earlier than six weeks, a doctor would have no other choice but to perform a transvaginal ultrasound, which is state sanctioned rape, thus humiliating women. According to the Hattiesburg American,

“Under the Mississippi bill, the State Board of Health would determine the method doctors use to search for the heartbeat, but it is possible that women who are fewer than six weeks pregnant would be required to undergo the medically invasive transvaginal ultrasound.”

You know, I have had that procedure. Many times, with my full consent, and once under coercion from an asshole doctor who essentially blackmailed me into it by refusing to treat me unless I submitted. The former instances were uncomfortable and unpleasant. The latter was horrifying.

And I wasn’t there after a rape and a hospital and a police station and a positive pregnancy test, so I can only imagine the way you’d feel “proving” yourself to these creeps in the statehouse who seem to have learned about women’s bodies from TV beamed to their planets.


7 thoughts on “Women Who Can Prove They Were Raped

  1. Have these folks ever been present in the ER when the docs break out the “rape kit” to both make sure the lady is cared for medically and to gather evidence?
    If not, could they at least imagine how emotionally charged the situation is with the lady at the end of her rope?
    And as a hefty percentage of legislators are lawyers, could they have some understanding of how equivocable much of the evidence for rape (versus sex by a married couple in the proscribed missionary position) can be – meaning how easy it is to contest “rape” in the courts?
    I’m on the pro-life side and even I’m saying that this is a bad idea from several vantage points (you pointed out how hazy the line is in proving rape vs. sex; a law – which tends to remain static – mandating a given technology when technology is ever changing.

  2. I’ve been there both times Ericka’s had the wand done, with her consent. It sucks. And she consented because it’s her damned body and she wanted to check on the foetus’ health.
    Her OB/GYN (also our pede) said that a lot of her patients don’t let her do any of this stuff. The health center has a large immigrant patient population and they have different ideas about pre-natal health, so she works with them on plans that meet their needs. No forcing of wands into their bodies.
    Why a legislature needs to interfere with that relationship is beyond me…

  3. Sooo…if the woman can’t prove she was raped, they rape her with the ultrasound wand?

  4. I would imagine that it will require the traditional proof of rape that men have demanded over the years. The woman will have to have been beaten to unconsciousness. A medical report and a police report will be the minimum proof necessary. Consent is always assumed.
    At this point courts entertain the notion that ten year old girls consent to gang rapes. So technically rape does not exist in a society that assumes females to be in a constant state of consent.

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