Enjoying the Slapfight

Between Romney and Santorum here ahead of the primary:

“By the way, I just saw a testimonial as to my conservatism on our website. It was an ad and it was very powerful. It was Sen. Rick Santorum,” Romney said. “He says, look, I’m Rick Santorum, no one puts words in my mouth, and I want you to know if you want to nominate a conservative, a real conservative, why you have to nominate Mitt Romney.

“Now, that was four years ago. I hope it still applies.”


One thought on “Enjoying the Slapfight

  1. Come on A. You’re expecting the right to be consistent from one day to the next?? đŸ˜‰
    GWB’s face should be added to currency. GWB is out and is the one that caused bigger govt. Big Govt is bad but Ronney was a saint even though he raised the fed budget and said deficits don’t matter. etc.

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