I’ve been crazy busy, which is why my byline has been rather infrequent at First Draft of late. Why? It’s not because I have any intention leaving the team, they’ll have to pry my dead hands off my mouse or something first. I’m moving my business from the French Quarter to Magazine Street, which means I’ve been packing boxes, moving stuff around while still conducting business on Jackson Square until next Sunday.

In short, I’ll be posting less frequently until the dust (and oak pollen) settles. There are a few things I’ll miss about the Quarter but I’m cutting my overhead by joining a co-op (sounds vaguely socialistic) of arts vendors *and* will be working a mere 11 blocks from home. The only one more enthusiastic about this change than me is Dr. A who is looking forward to spending less time dodging meter maids while looking for a parking space near Jackson Square.

The new gallery is called Art By Design and will be located at 3640 Magazine. After the move, I should have more time to mock foolishness like Rick Santorum’s war on porn. Zip it, Little Ricky.

3 thoughts on “Changes

  1. On the one hand, Menckles and I have one stop fewer on our semi-regular Sunday afternoon in the Quarter harassment tour. (We can always go get in Varg’s way if we’re in the Square, though) On the other hand, the new place is.. what.. 8? 9? blocks away from where I’m parked most of my days. Maybe I’ll stop by on the way to-or-from every now and then. That is if I want to take my life into my own hand by bringing the bike to Magazine Street.
    Anyway, Good Luck!

  2. Hey, just a few blocks away from one of my favorite stores, Martin Wine Cellar. While I can’t say I’ve ever been inside any of them, I really, really like the double shotguns like this…
    Speaking of Martin Wine Cellar, Jeffrey, if you’re making an appearance this Sunday at City Park, hope to see you there.

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