5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Video: Queen at Live Aid

  1. Saw Queen in Charlotte in the summer of ’79 (they usually toured the U.S. during cold weather, for some reason). I had high expectations going in, and they were completely blown away from the opening notes of “Jailhouse Rock.” Of COURSE Bryan May is a physicist; no mere MUSICIAN could’ve rocked the house like that.
    One of my top 5 shows. Ever. Out of hundreds. Ho. Lee. Shit.

  2. My first time seeing them live, I was prepared to be disappointed – the layering of vocals, the 16-tracks-of-single-note-guitars, the overall overkill of the albums couldn’t be reproduced live without a male choir and a dozen guitarists.
    I was right.
    But I wasn’t disappointed.
    Not one bit.

  3. It’s late, and I read that as “Sunday Morning Video: Queen at Rite Aid,” which made me wonder which days of the week you couldn’t see a queen at Rite Aid in New Orleans.
    OK, I’ll go to bed now.

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