3 thoughts on “High Finance For Our Time

  1. Blocked by a sign in screen on the link to typepad.
    I assume this is the interview where a former exec called the people “muppets”?
    Can anyone say anymore, with anything approaching a straight face, that the regulators were not complicit with the regulated?

  2. Sorry, MapleStreet–yeah, that’s what I meant to link to. And yeah, the regulators were at the very least complicit. That or rank idiots.
    One especially unfortunate element is that it’s truly bipartisan. Bob Rubin was in on this, and Bill Clinton was recently seen having lunch with Blankfein. My guess is that maybe the actually wanted to believe there’d be a bit of trickle down that wasn’t, you know, them pissing on us.
    But now, judging from the reaction to Smith’s op-ed, pissing on us is what we’re supposed to expect from the likes of Goldman, et al.

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