Presidential Soundtrack

Obama likes music made in the past decade by an artist who is blackety black black:

President Obama is out on the campaign hustings again, meaning another star-studded gala, this time time with R&B singer Cee Lo Green, famed for his hit “F— You.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney said it’s likely that the president has Cee Lo tunes on his iPad too. “I know he’s a fan,” said Carney en route to Chicago, where the president is attending two fundraisers before traveling to Atlanta for three more, one a gala featuring Green and actor Tyler Perry.

Unclear: Which version of Green’s song the president likes, the X-rated version or the popular G-rated rewrite, “Forget You.”

Heavens to Betsy. I remember this during the campaign, too, people having a shit-fit over Obama listening to Jay-Z.

Look, we can argue about who gets an invite to the White House (though as long as Dick Cheney is walking around free the conversation seems a little … awkward) but as far as the president — any president — and his personal habits go, I’m pretty lenient. The man has a difficult job. I think he should have whatever it is he needs to do that. Whatever he needs to keep him calm and not ready to rip someone’s throat out, whatever will cheer him up so he doesn’t decide to call in a nuclear strike on the house of the guy who tried to cut his motorcade off in traffic, whatever makes him feel good and ready for the day.

In Clinton’s case clearly someone needed to be supplying him with lots and lots of pussy. So long as everyone is of age and willing, I have zero issue there. FDR and JFK seemed to have much the same deals. Tedd Roosevelt liked to shoot shit. I don’t know what Bush wanted, but whatever it was that would have kept him from being mentally impaired in cabinet meetings, I wish he would have gotten more of it. Legal drugs, cigarettes, hell, legalize it for the rest of us and you can light up a spliff at the end of the State of the Union for all I care.

And if Barack Obama wants to blastPetey Pabloduring his shower in the morning to psych himself up for the day, if he wants the Secret Service to serenade him withthisor drive around in Joey the Shark’s Corvette holding a boombox out the window withNikki Minaj on top volume, I say go for it, because the guy with the nuclear launch codes gets to put whatever he wants on his iPod. Can you imagine the mood he’d be in if we restrict his listening to only that which can be safely played on the bus during a nursing home outing to a Midwest casino?


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  1. Cee Lo Green is also one of the celebrity coaches on The Voice, which is now outperforming American Idol in the ratings. By a huge margin. So attacking Obama by attacking Cee Lo is just pretty pathetic, like, desperate-pathetic. I really think that stuff just works with the Hoveround crowd, if it works at all. Really it’s just reinforcing the nevative “blackety black” thing that’s already out there with that crowd. These are the people who are convinced that Obama is a Muslim terrorist so it’s not like that’s a vote worth going after.
    It’s not even worth reporting on. But this is the Washington Examiner. Their writers are paid by the hits so they have to look for the most outrageous, headline grabbing stuff.

  2. Honestly, I think he probably prefers the Fuck You version (I do), because, ya know, he’s getting ready to battle it out with the crazy. I think that would get me ready for a debate with any of the theologians on the other side. In fact, I think it would be hilarious to play it out loud at the preshow, or whatever it is they call those moments before the debate begins. In my head, I have a vision of Obama dancing to it before round 1.

  3. Oh for fucks sake. They’re clutching their fucking pearls cuz he might hear the word fuck in a REALLY catchy little tune that perfectly conveys how you feel after a break up? You have got to be fucking kidding me.
    I’m so very very sick of our fucking politics. Like THIS is the most important thing we could be thinking about, when the Republic of Gilead is bearing down on us and the war momgers want to reprise their not-so-greatest hits in Iran.

  4. Umm, I don’t think therewas anything keeping Bush from being mentally impaired in cabinet meetings… or at any other time, for that matter.

  5. Is the outrage because of the language, the singer’s race, or both?
    My guess is that if the prez were to listen only to NPR that would be an outrage over the elitism.

  6. The same people getting the vapors over this didn’t bat an eye when Dubya said he listened to My Sharona.
    Hmmm…wonder what Rick Santorum thinks of that…

  7. Since when is “fuck” an X-rated word?
    Since FOREVER? Seriously?”
    “Fuck” used up to four times as an expletive only gets you a PG-13. Any more than that, or using it in a sexual manner, and it’s an R.
    The only way that “fuck” is X-rated is if it’s spoken by an erect penis.

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