The Two Andys

The no longer failing New York Times has an article today about how police departments across the country are making attempts to weed out “political extremists” (the rest of us call them Fascists) from their ranks. Imagine that, far right wingnuts patrolling our streets, armed and pretty much impervious to judicial oversight. Who could have imagined? The article centers on an Oklahoma sheriff who was part of the mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6. He claims he was just there for the donuts…er…I mean the rally, but information obtained by other law enforcement officials and passed on to … Continue reading The Two Andys

You Lose! Good Day, Sir!

As expected, the Sedition Party acquitted their 2024 candidate despite a mighty effort by the Democrats which yielded the most bipartisan impeachment and trial verdicts in history. Naturally the Democratic response was to assume full fetal position, rail against their leadership, and concede all power to Mitch McConnell. Naturally. I will never understand how Democrats are so eternally willing to consume and internalize Republican propaganda designed to dampen their enthusiasm for their own party. For everyone who thought witnesses would sway Senate Republicans the reality is that the Democrats were never going to win this vote. There was no way … Continue reading You Lose! Good Day, Sir!

Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Trial and Errors edition

OK people – ISO suits on? Let’s dive in! We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Trump’s impeachment defense team leaves less than two weeks before trial
CNN ^ | 1/31/21 | Gloria Borger

Posted on 1/31/2021, 7:12:46 AM by jstolzen

(CNN) Former President Donald Trump’s five impeachment defense attorneys have left a little more than a week before his trial is set to begin, according to people familiar with the case, amid a disagreement over his legal strategy.

It was a dramatic development in the second impeachment trial for Trump, who has struggled to find lawyers willing to take his case. And now, with legal briefs due next week and a trial set to begin only days later, Trump is clinging to his election fraud charade and suddenly finds himself without legal representation.


Looks like a major disagreement on strategy – Trump apparently wanted his legal team to focus on election fraud, and they wanted to focus instead on legality of trying a FORMER President.Either way..not good this close to the

1 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:12:46 AM by jstolzen
Oh, I thought it was an excellent move. But then, I hate The Darnold’s guts.
To: jstolzen

Sorry. CNN is hardly a credible news source.

5 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:20:00 AM by Blennos ( )

Need to reload so you can shoot that messenger some more?
To: jstolzen
Get a couple of first year law students.

Looks like he took your advice.

He doesn’t need any more firepower than that for this utter foolishness.

America is far more interested in their MIA $1400 checks than impeaching a private citizen.

7 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:22:40 AM by jazminerose (America’s most dangerous domestic terrorists—believers and objectors.)

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Sometimes, even when the replier to a deleted post doesn’t quote the deletee, it’s easy to figure out who posted the deleted comment:
To: snarkytart
So, you seem to doubt that his legal team has, indeed, left?
11 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:25:29 AM by jstolzen
(there is no visible post from snarkyfart before post number 11)
To: DoodleDawg
numerous sources that someone close to the ….blah blah blah


19 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:40:19 AM by snarkytart

I’ll see your “whatever” and raise you a “holy fuck”.
To: snarkytart
What happened to Jay Sekulow? He and Rudy did a great job last time.

22 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:44:18 AM by Saveourcountry

To: Saveourcountry

He and Rudy did a great job last time

You forgot the /s

59 posted on 1/31/2021, 8:22:28 AM by Jim Noble (He who saves his nation violates no law)
No kidding.
(Tommy T resists doing a search and replace to change every “snarkytart” reference to “snarkyfart”)
To: snarkytart

Please watch your language. Thanks.

42 posted on 1/31/2021, 8:04:40 AM by Sidebar Moderator

To: Zwerni1

Why can’t he argue voter fraud?He was charged in the impeachment of “Incitement of Insurrection”. The case at hand is whether or not he did that. Arguing election fraud is:

A. Admitting he incited insurrection as a result of his being cheated.


B. Not pertinent to the fact that he didn’t incite insurrection.

Any good lawyer on the other side would argue that it has no relevance to the case, and the biased judge would throw it out as inadmissible.

John Roberts himself recused from this, knowing that it was unconstitutional and a circus. Trump and his team should do the same. As I mentioned, his presence only gives the charade credence and will not change a single vote for or against.

49 posted on 1/31/2021, 8:16:14 AM by Magnatron
One Freeper finds the silver lining in this particular cloud :
To: Jim Noble
Agree with every word you wrote. .At least Trump isn’t on Twitter blasting this idiocy right now.


Jack Dorsey actually did him a favor.

54 posted on 1/31/2021, 8:21:23 AM by hcmama

…along with the entire country….
To: Repealthe17thAmendment

and legal professionals know that if they assist Trump, their careers will be ruined


Any competent lawyer knows that allowing election fraud as a defense is equivalent in this forum to his client pleading guilty, any lawyer who would allow it SHOULD have his career ruined.

66 posted on 1/31/2021, 8:26:28 AM by Jim Noble (He who saves his nation violates no law)
To: jstolzen
Good grief…Trump is his own worse (sic) enemy!!!

You’re just now figuring that out, are you?

Unless he gets past this impeachment mess there is no future for Trump, no 2024.

121 posted on 1/31/2021, 9:57:03 AM by devane617 (‘It’s Only Donuts Ma’am’)

More snarky farts after the break –


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Texas to Florida: Hold m’ Beer, Watch This

This whole COVID vaccine mishigas (per the Chief I’m trying to use more Yiddish) is getting so as you can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys. Above you see Dr. Hasan Gokal of Houston, TX. Until recently he was the medical director for Harris County’s Covid-response team. In that capacity he was put in charge of getting those precious cc’s of vaccine into the arms of local citizens. On Dec. 29, a mild Tuesday, Dr. Gokal arrived before dawn at a park in the Houston suburb of Humble to supervise a vaccination event intended mostly for emergency workers. … Continue reading Texas to Florida: Hold m’ Beer, Watch This

Today on Tommy T’s obsession with Random Ruminations – “Insufficient Bone Spurs” edition

Insufficient bone spurs When I was in Allen Military academy, our MST (military science and technology) instructors were active-duty Army, assigned to Allen after rotating out of Vietnam. It was 1968, and things were getting a lot worse over there. The ethos of Allen Academy (one of the 10 “honor academies” in the country) was that you attended through high school levels, to two years of junior college levels, then were enlisted as a First Lieutenant. A lot of the gung-ho cadet officers bombarded the Nam vets with questions about what it was like over there. To a man, they … Continue reading Today on Tommy T’s obsession with Random Ruminations – “Insufficient Bone Spurs” edition

Day Five, The Final Act: If You Make Yourself A Sheep, The Wolves Will Eat You

More quasi-crypto-pseudo live blogging. Closing Argument By The House Managers: The post title is a quote from Hundred Dollar Bill Man Ben Franklin that was used in Jamie Raskin’s opening. It clearly applies to the Senate Republican caucus. They’ve dug … Continue reading Day Five, The Final Act: If You Make Yourself A Sheep, The Wolves Will Eat You

Day Five, Act One: Can I Get A Witness?

A quick note about Friday’s Question Time. Shyster Van der Venal is the Trumpiest lawyer this side of Rudy. He was sneering and contemptuous towards all concerned. The Impeached Insult Comedian loved it, but the Pennsylvania Bar Association will not. … Continue reading Day Five, Act One: Can I Get A Witness?

Saturday Odds & Sods: Trick Bag

Skeletons Fighting Over A Pickled Herring by James Ensor.

This should be Carnival’s biggest weekend. I’ll miss our pre-Tucks peregrinations on Saturday and company on Thoth Sunday. Wait until next year.

The impeachment trial ate my week, so I’ll keep this short. It’s what usually happens the Saturday before Fat Tuesday in any event. So it goes.

This week’s theme song was written by NOLA’s own Earl King in 1962. It’s tricky, it’s baggy, it’s early, it’s kingy.

We have four versions of Trick Bag for your listening pleasure: the Earl King original, the Meters, Johnny Winter, and Robert Palmer.

Now that we’ve pulled some tricks out of the bag, let’s jump to the break.

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Advice To Trump’s Counsel

Ask if they’ll let you Zoom your statement/case and choose a filter. It’s not like they could get any worse. Meanwhile, the GOPQAnons appear to be sitting with all the impartiality of the Mississippi jurors who acquitted J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant. Might as well have a Diet Cult, um, I mean Diet Coke, before voting, just to make it appear they’ve deliberated a bit… Damn. The Democratic impeachment managers put on a good, maybe even superb case. Full disclosure, I only saw highlights–am lucky that I can work from home, but it’s work, and I could only catch recaps/written … Continue reading Advice To Trump’s Counsel

How Many of ‘U’s in Gullible?

  Oh sweet Ulysses S. Grant on a saloon barstool I swear this is true: Disgraced former US President* DonnyJohn Trump has a hotel in Washington D.C. just a few blocks from the White House. It served as one of his many side hustles (you know like Dolly sings, it’s all about the “5-9”) over the last years. If you want a deluxe king room at the hotel it normally goes for $476 to $596. But if you want to reserve one for March 3 or 4 it will cost you a sweet $1,331 per night. Two night minimum stay. … Continue reading How Many of ‘U’s in Gullible?

The More You Know, Take 2

It’s a big day for political scientists, constitutional scholars, and historians:  the historic second impeachment trial of the same president*, and it’s the first time a president* has been tried after they have left office begins today.  It’s like a second Super Bowl for political nerds. I admit that I’m pretty excited to see what happens over the next few days. But before all of that unfolds, Harry Enten had a piece on recently about Joe Manchin. It’s pretty good, with some more detailed information about Manchin’s electoral margins in his pro-Trump state, but it misses 2 salient points. … Continue reading The More You Know, Take 2

Today on Tommy T’s obsession with Random Ruminations – Creeping cancer edition

Pain issues preclude me doing a regular “Obsession” post this Monday, so here’s a little piece I wrote some years ago :


On libertarianism – a creeping cancer

I’ve noticed that so-called “libertarians” (I say “so-called” because no two libertarians can agree on what it is) are really just sociopaths in training.

Greed enters into it, of course, but the real hallmark is loss of empathy. It starts with groups of people they don’t have any contact with (people in other countries, people who have been born into situations they couldn’t imagine, and things that would make them cry like a child if they happened to them) and then expands.

As it grows, their loss of empathy extends to people who occupy the same world but are somehow (usually through lack of hustle) inferior to them, and undeserving of help.

Their circle of give-a-fuck gets smaller and smaller and smaller over time until – guess what? It only extends to them and their immediate families.

And then, in the end, it only extends to them.

And that, my friends, is the textbook definition of sociopathy.

More below the fold


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Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with Random Ruminations – “Why I didn’t run away from home” edition

When I was a pre-teen / teenager, I only had one dream. Go to Hollywood and become a cinematographer – failing that, a sound recordist. I was smart enough to know that I would need a mentor to take me on as an intern, and smart enough to know what happened to the large majority of people who ran off to Hollywood to make it big. Did I know anyone in the  ASC?  No.  Did I think it was a good idea to hitchhike to Hollywood without much more than the clothes on my back? No. Then I got married … Continue reading Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with Random Ruminations – “Why I didn’t run away from home” edition