Day Two: Is This America?

This post was written in bits and pieces as I watched the trial. Hopefully, it’s coherent but what’s a little incoherence between friends?


I was bowled over by the first two hours of the House managers presentation. They have methodically built a case starting with tweets and public comments made months earlier. It was drummed into his dimmer supporter’s head: RIGGED, RIGGED, RIGGED. That’s, of course, a LIE, LIE, LIE. The Dipshit Insurrection was a, CRIME, CRIME, CRIME.

Jamie Raskin has become a Democratic superstar this week. He is clearly the team leader and referred to as such by his colleagues. The post title comes from his presentation. It was a comment by a black capitol cop who was repeatedly called the N-word by the mob. He tearfully asked a colleague, “Is this America?”

A question I’ve asked myself. How can anyone sit through this searing presentation and vote to acquit? Only the soulless and unscrupulous, which includes a majority of senate GOPers, alas. The Turtle has purportedly told his members to vote their consciences. I’m skeptical: the field of political combat is littered with the bodies of those who believe Mitch McConnell. The only time he isn’t lying is when his mouth is closed.

Josh Hawley was spied in the gallery, with his feet up, reading unrelated papers like the insurrectionist fellow traveler that he is. He should do his fucking job and listen to the mounting evidence. He might learn something. That was a joke: people like Josh Hawley never learn. It’s what happens when you’re a walking resume calculated to impress older, powerful men. I’m glad that at least two have bailed on him.


In the first afternoon session, Reps Dean and Lieu discussed Trump’s attempt to steal the election by going after state and local officials. It should serve as a reminder to Republican senators that the Impeached Insult Comedian’s loyalties are only to himself. He will abandon and betray his current allies whenever it suits them. He doesn’t care who you are as long as he gets his way. If it could happen to Bill Barr and Mike Pence, it could happen to anyone.

Speaking of stars, Stacey Plaskett has the right stuff. She did a superb job tying online activities to real world violence. She’s on the way to becoming the most famous Virgin Islander ever. I’m also glad I googled her: initially, I called her Plunkett like former football great, Jim. Stacey is, however, every bit as tough as Jim.

I saw Rep. Madeline Dean on MSNBC not long after the Capitol siege. She was asked if she felt safe at work. She did not. Today, she was in charge of dissecting Trump’s incitement speech. Trump said fight 20 times in his speech and mentioned Pence 9 times with increasingly ferocity. The crowd was ready to rumble. Pennywise threw his Veep to the wolves. Make that rabid wolves.


Reps Plaskett and Swalwell presented unseen video in the day’s third act. The footage was dramatic and deeply disturbing. I am shaken to the core. We learned that Senators Romney and Schumer were nearly grabbed by the Trump mob. They might not know who many members of Congress are, but they know those two guys. They barely escaped with their lives as did Mike Pence.

The MSM needs to stop focusing on the vote count/horse race aspect of the trial. The focus should be on Trump’s guilt. He’s as guilty as sin of this atrocity against American democracy.

It’s also time for Senate Republicans to cease and desist claiming that they honor the police and are the party of law and order. Unless they vote to convict, they are the party of anarchy and insurrection. We saw the extreme bravery of the capitol police today; some paid with their lives, others were seriously injured but they did their job and protected lawmakers. The mob was out for blood.

That’s all I have for now. I’m gutted.

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  1. It was pretty easy to be shaken. And angered. Those sub-humans of the drumpf cult are animals. I was also very impressed with both Plaskett & Swalwell’s presentations. There were many times when I felt like crying for the police. Do you think there will be investigations into what happened with the difficulty finding backup, the delay in ending the National Guard and that January 5th “group tours” of the Capitol after this impeachment is done?

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