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OK people – ISO suits on? Let’s dive in! We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Trump’s impeachment defense team leaves less than two weeks before trial
CNN ^ | 1/31/21 | Gloria Borger

Posted on 1/31/2021, 7:12:46 AM by jstolzen

(CNN) Former President Donald Trump’s five impeachment defense attorneys have left a little more than a week before his trial is set to begin, according to people familiar with the case, amid a disagreement over his legal strategy.

It was a dramatic development in the second impeachment trial for Trump, who has struggled to find lawyers willing to take his case. And now, with legal briefs due next week and a trial set to begin only days later, Trump is clinging to his election fraud charade and suddenly finds himself without legal representation.


Looks like a major disagreement on strategy – Trump apparently wanted his legal team to focus on election fraud, and they wanted to focus instead on legality of trying a FORMER President.Either way..not good this close to the

1 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:12:46 AM by jstolzen
Oh, I thought it was an excellent move. But then, I hate The Darnold’s guts.
To: jstolzen

Sorry. CNN is hardly a credible news source.

5 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:20:00 AM by Blennos ( )

Need to reload so you can shoot that messenger some more?
To: jstolzen
Get a couple of first year law students.

Looks like he took your advice.

He doesn’t need any more firepower than that for this utter foolishness.

America is far more interested in their MIA $1400 checks than impeaching a private citizen.

7 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:22:40 AM by jazminerose (America’s most dangerous domestic terrorists—believers and objectors.)

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Sometimes, even when the replier to a deleted post doesn’t quote the deletee, it’s easy to figure out who posted the deleted comment:
To: snarkytart
So, you seem to doubt that his legal team has, indeed, left?
11 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:25:29 AM by jstolzen
(there is no visible post from snarkyfart before post number 11)
To: DoodleDawg
numerous sources that someone close to the ….blah blah blah


19 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:40:19 AM by snarkytart

I’ll see your “whatever” and raise you a “holy fuck”.
To: snarkytart
What happened to Jay Sekulow? He and Rudy did a great job last time.

22 posted on 1/31/2021, 7:44:18 AM by Saveourcountry

To: Saveourcountry

He and Rudy did a great job last time

You forgot the /s

59 posted on 1/31/2021, 8:22:28 AM by Jim Noble (He who saves his nation violates no law)
No kidding.
(Tommy T resists doing a search and replace to change every “snarkytart” reference to “snarkyfart”)
To: snarkytart

Please watch your language. Thanks.

42 posted on 1/31/2021, 8:04:40 AM by Sidebar Moderator

To: Zwerni1

Why can’t he argue voter fraud?He was charged in the impeachment of “Incitement of Insurrection”. The case at hand is whether or not he did that. Arguing election fraud is:

A. Admitting he incited insurrection as a result of his being cheated.


B. Not pertinent to the fact that he didn’t incite insurrection.

Any good lawyer on the other side would argue that it has no relevance to the case, and the biased judge would throw it out as inadmissible.

John Roberts himself recused from this, knowing that it was unconstitutional and a circus. Trump and his team should do the same. As I mentioned, his presence only gives the charade credence and will not change a single vote for or against.

49 posted on 1/31/2021, 8:16:14 AM by Magnatron
One Freeper finds the silver lining in this particular cloud :
To: Jim Noble
Agree with every word you wrote. .At least Trump isn’t on Twitter blasting this idiocy right now.


Jack Dorsey actually did him a favor.

54 posted on 1/31/2021, 8:21:23 AM by hcmama

…along with the entire country….
To: Repealthe17thAmendment

and legal professionals know that if they assist Trump, their careers will be ruined


Any competent lawyer knows that allowing election fraud as a defense is equivalent in this forum to his client pleading guilty, any lawyer who would allow it SHOULD have his career ruined.

66 posted on 1/31/2021, 8:26:28 AM by Jim Noble (He who saves his nation violates no law)
To: jstolzen
Good grief…Trump is his own worse (sic) enemy!!!

You’re just now figuring that out, are you?

Unless he gets past this impeachment mess there is no future for Trump, no 2024.

121 posted on 1/31/2021, 9:57:03 AM by devane617 (‘It’s Only Donuts Ma’am’)

More snarky farts after the break –


Meanwhile, the dishonorable Ted Cruz has Der Fuhrer‘s back…..and sticks a knife in it.


Ted Cruz: President Trump was “Both Reckless and Irresponsible” and Did Not Prove Election Fraud in Any Court (VIDEO)
Gateway Pundit ^ | 1/31/21 | Jim Hoft

Posted on 1/31/2021, 9:59:22 PM by bimboeruption

Senator Cruz is an example of a Republican who will never win a national election and especially moving forward after the 2020 election. Democrats BRAZENLY used EVERY TRICK in their bag to steal victory in November 2020. And they did it without a hint of shame.

In this week’s video, Senator Ted Cruz accused President Donald Trump of spouting “overheated rhetoric” about the election and failing to present evidence of voter fraud.

Starting at the 16:52 mark of the January 25th, 2021 episode of Verdict with Ted Cruz, Senator Ted Cruz states the following:

Senator Ted Cruz: “President Trump’s rhetoric, I think, went way too far over the line. I think it was both reckless and irresponsible because he said repeatedly—and he said over and over again—he won by a landslide; there was massive fraud; it was all stolen everywhere. That evidence, the campaign did not prove that in any court, and to make a determination about an election it has to be based on the evidence, and so simply saying the result you want, that’s not responsible and you’ve never heard me use language like that. What I’ve said is voter fraud is real, and we need to examine the evidence, and look at the actual facts; and in particular, what is the evidence of how much voter fraud occurred, and did it occur in sufficient quantities and in sufficient states to alter the outcome of the election. That would have been the mandate of the election commission; to assess.”

And later around the 25-minute mark, he refers to the events of January 6th, 2021 as “a terrorist attack on the United States Capital.”

Republicans better wake up! They either act now or the GOP will be the minority party in the United States moving forward.


Ted doesn’t know when to keep his big mouth shut. Sometimes silence is golden.
1 posted on 1/31/2021, 9:59:22 PM by bimboeruption
To: bimboeruption
This, and went to the ersatz inauguration and gave his blessing to the fraud. AMF…

4 posted on 1/31/2021, 10:03:53 PM by DesertRhino (Dog is man’s best friend, and moslems hate dogs. Add that up. …. )

How DARE he???
To: bimboeruption
Bye bye Ted. I was once a big fan.

Of course you were.  You’re a dumbass.

Really stupid statements are not recommended for politicians. The Silence is Golden recommendation was correct. You will not recover from this stupid statement,

8 posted on 1/31/2021, 10:05:22 PM by InterceptPoint (Ted, you finally endorsed.)

Love your sig line.
To: bimboeruption
Just when I was beginning to like the guy. Backstabber.

25 posted on 1/31/2021, 10:09:38 PM by madison10

To: bimboeruption
There sure are a lot of yellow stripe republicans since the election.

36 posted on 1/31/2021, 10:15:08 PM by OftheOhio (never could dance but always could fight – Romeo company)

Allow me to quote Driftglass :

“Most newly minted “independents” seem to be little more than Republicans who are fleeing the scene of their crime, but at the same time still desperately want believe in the inerrant wisdom of Rush Limbaugh. They are completely incapable of facing the horrifying reality that they have gotten every single major political opinion and decision of their adult lives completely wrong, so instead they double-down on their hatred of women and/or gays and/or brown people and/or Liberals, and blame them for the miserable fuckpit their leaders and their policies have made of their lives and futures.

Like German soldiers after the fall of Berlin, they have stopped running away from the catastrophe they created only long enough to burn their uniforms.”



And if you think the uniform-burning is bad now, just wait until the midterms.


To: bimboeruption
Oh no! Here I sat thinking I had one decent senator of two. Now I see I have none. The sky has truly fallen. I am most disheartened. I don’t know what the test will be for the person who gets my next vote but I think it will draw blood.

53 posted on 1/31/2021, 10:19:26 PM by Cottonpatch

Here I sit, brokenhearted.
Tried to shit, but snarkyfarted.
To: bimboeruption
Writing Ted Cruz off…….boy our selection of loyal supporters of President Trump is narrowing!!

69 posted on 1/31/2021, 10:28:14 PM by pollywog (” O thou who changest not….ABIDE with me”)

Noticed that, did ya?
To: bimboeruption
Ted has placed his bet with the evil that he believes will carry the day. In that respect, he’s a chip off his pro-Castro daddy’s shoulder.

Ted is ineligible to be president by his Canadian birth to non US citizen parents, mirroring Barry’s lack of authenticated credentials in that same category.

Some believe Cruz’ father was also involved in the JFK assassination. On the campaign trail, PDJT at one time made mention of such a suspicion, eliciting the epithet from Ted that PDJT was a “pathological liar.”

76 posted on 1/31/2021, 10:30:18 PM by rx (Truth will out!)

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
To: bimboeruption
Every time I think I am going to like the guy he demonstrates he’s fundamentally a jerk.
100 posted on 1/31/2021, 10:48:49 PM by Reily

OK – time for one more – “Q” and CNN?
Former QAnon supporter apologizes to Anderson Cooper
The Hill (via MSN) ^ | 1/31/2021 | Aris Folley
Posted on 1/31/2021, 4:48:25 PM by TomServoA man who once believed in the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory apologized to CNN’s Anderson Cooper for thinking he ate babies.The apology from the former QAnon supporter Jitarth Jadeja was part of a special report the network aired late Saturday called “Inside the QAnon Conspiracy.”Cooper said Jadeja was a believer of the far-right conspiracy theory until 2019.”Did you at the time believe that high-level Democrats and celebrities were worshipping Satan? Drinking the blood of children?” Cooper said, referring to some of the baseless theories to come out of the conspiracy movement.”Anderson, I thought you did that, and I would like to apologize for that right now. So, I apologize for thinking that you ate babies,” he said.
1 posted on 1/31/2021, 4:48:25 PM by TomServo
Which ones? The brainwashed, or the formerly brainwashed?
To: TomServo
Is there anything more fake than CNN?
2 posted on 1/31/2021, 4:50:18 PM by alternatives? (If our borders are not secure, why fund an army?)
To: alternatives?
Is there anything more fake than CNN?
Yes. Qanon.
4 posted on 1/31/2021, 4:51:28 PM by Responsibility2nd (Trump is a deposed Pres. in exile. America is truly a banana republic. Our govt. has been overthrown)
Ba Dum Tss.
To: TomServo
Well they definitely worship Satan.

Of course they do.

But Q believers were … foolish.

7 posted on 1/31/2021, 4:52:35 PM by Williams (Stop Tolerating The Intolerant)

To: Williams
“But Q believers were … foolish.”

What do you mean “were”? Those clowns and grifters stink up this forum on a daily basis.


10 posted on 1/31/2021, 4:53:49 PM by Lurker (Peaceful coexistence with the Left is not possible. Stop pretending that it is. )

To: MinorityRepublican
Not sure if this interview is “legitimate” but CNN is trying to label every Trump voter as an extremist


Unfortunately it is not hard for liberals to define conservatives as extremists, kooks, conspiracy theorists and Qtards.

I mean, look at the warm welcome they get here at Free Republic. They’re almost mainstream.

It’s embarrassing.

11 posted on 1/31/2021, 4:55:13 PM by Responsibility2nd (Trump is a deposed Pres. in exile. America is truly a banana republic. Our govt. has been overthrown)

Any of you Qberts have anything constructive to add?

Comment #12 Removed by Moderator

I thought not.

To: TomServo
That person knows so little about Q, probably just another fraud actor like that shaman

24 posted on 1/31/2021, 5:17:12 PM by madison10

To: Steve_Seattle
I’m certainly not hostile to the Qtards.

Irony alert!

I do not go on their threads and ridicule them. I mean, if they’re perfectly happy sitting around in their little knitting circle, chitchatting like a bunch of old ladies, pretending they know what they’re talking about, then I’m perfectly happy to leave them to their own little LARP games.

25 posted on 1/31/2021, 5:17:28 PM by Responsibility2nd (Trump is a deposed Pres. in exile. America is truly a banana republic. Our govt. has been overthrown)

To: Mariner; romanesq
My FRiends, isn’t it grand to be able to climb out of the bunker? Our poor deluded brothers and sisters on the forum were brutal in flaming anyone who called out the madness of the magic wands that were supposedly going to reverse the election. I have to admit I mostly kept my head down, but in some threads these days have been picking off some of the stragglers, the few dead enders remaining on the battlefield

90 posted on 1/31/2021, 9:16:22 PM by j.havenfarm (20 years on Free Republic, 12/10/20! More than 3700 replies and still not shutting up!)

Qberts Quaintly Quiet on this thread.
Oh well – that’s more than enough for one outing. Catching up, so there’s still two weeks worth of insanity to wade through.
See you good people next Monday.





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  1. Looking forward to the FR pro-Q and anti-Q factions to start Doxxing and SWATting one another.

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