The Greene Party

House Republicans are dumbasses. Mitch McConnell was setting up Marjorie Taylor Greene as the patsy for the Dipshit Insurrection and Trumper extremism. Instead, Kevin McCarthy proved himself a weak and downright stupid leader who allowed the members of his caucus to go on record as supporting the QAnon Lady. She would have been the scapegoat or fall guy if the GOP caucus had sanctioned her instead of the whole House. As Adam Schiff put it yesterday:

“Kevin McCarthy stands for nothing except the perpetuation of his own position. He has no values, and in my view cares about little except for hoping to be speaker one day, God forbid.”

What can you expect from a nitwit about whom I wrote a 2015 post entitled Untrustable In Hungria: The Kevin McCarthy Story. The only things K-Mac is good at are malaprops and candy sorting. I am not making this up.

House GOPers are on the record in support of someone who believes that two of the worst school shootings, Parkland and Sandy Hook, were false flag operations. Her position is so extreme that three reps from South Florida were among the eleven Republicans who voted to strip her of committee assignments. There’s some debate as to whether ethnicity was the reason for Florida trio’s vote, they’re all Latin. I think it was location, location, location: all of their districts are within shouting distance of Parkland school. Whatever the case, I salute them for standing for something other than craven cowardice.

The removal of the QAnon Lady from her committees is a symbolic victory. It’s as substantively empty as K-Mac’s head. She’s there to agitate, not legislate. She wanted to be famous and be noticed by the Kaiser of Chaos. Her wish came true. Her “great” phone call with Trump is one reason House GOPers flinched at ousting her themselves. She doesn’t, however, have the lingo down pat: all Pennywise phone calls are “perfect.”

Republican radicals and teabaggers are fond of displaying the “Don’t Tread On Me” snake flag. The current GOP is a three-headed hydra. One head is the Impeached Insult Comedian with a dead nutria pelt atop his head. The second head is the man many call Moscow Mitch, but I prefer the old standbys: the Turtle and Chinless Mitch. The third head is Marjorie Taylor Greene who represents the extremists who have infiltrated the Republican party since 2010. If they’re not careful, they’ll soon be the Greene Party.

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  1. Great post. I just want to say I could watch Adam Schiff for hours. He’s well spoken, doesn’t hold back and his EYES do great things

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