Today on Tommy T’s obsession with Random Ruminations – Creeping cancer edition

Pain issues preclude me doing a regular “Obsession” post this Monday, so here’s a little piece I wrote some years ago :


On libertarianism – a creeping cancer

I’ve noticed that so-called “libertarians” (I say “so-called” because no two libertarians can agree on what it is) are really just sociopaths in training.

Greed enters into it, of course, but the real hallmark is loss of empathy. It starts with groups of people they don’t have any contact with (people in other countries, people who have been born into situations they couldn’t imagine, and things that would make them cry like a child if they happened to them) and then expands.

As it grows, their loss of empathy extends to people who occupy the same world but are somehow (usually through lack of hustle) inferior to them, and undeserving of help.

Their circle of give-a-fuck gets smaller and smaller and smaller over time until – guess what? It only extends to them and their immediate families.

And then, in the end, it only extends to them.

And that, my friends, is the textbook definition of sociopathy.

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The recent libertarian outbursts in some of the political groups on Facebook started me thinking about the entire libertarian attitude/POV, I don’t do this much, any more than I ponder the viewpoints of the Flat Earth Society, since by numbers they are a tiny minority – a fringe of a fringe, if you will.

Of course their vociferous nature is compensation for their tiny numbers, but the whole thing is amusing, in a watch-someone-slip-on-their-greed-and-fall-down way.

libertarians decry laws, regulations, and the other hand brakes that the civil contract enacts to keep us honest and accountable, but amusingly, only those laws that they disagree with. They pretend that they want to set us free, but only from those things. If there is such a thing as “cafeteria catholics”, I suppose their doppelganger would be the “buffet bourgeoisie” of the libertarian (I would say Libertarian Party, but this silly pretense at unification fell apart in 2006).



So – from the old anarchists came the modern libertarian. Even the old anarchists knew that “Do what thou wilt will be the whole of the law” was not only not original (thank you, Alistair Crowley), but would ultimately make it EXTREMELY hard to hold onto their imagined future gains, since anyone with the wit to lay in wait for them and snuff out their candle and simply TAKE those gains could do so with no penalty. “Buffet bourgeoisie” libertarians do say they want laws against such, but only because it would mess up their Randian utopia.

Real word relevance? I’ll see your Friedman and raise you a Pinochet.

Ron Paul? At least Friedman has a job.

Libertarians would tell you that REAL LIBERTARIAN VALUES have never been applied in the real world. Let’s ship the current leadership of the Von Mises Institute off to Somalia and let them report on that real world progress, shall we?

Bottom line?

For me, it’s that the people who demonstrate against the very reasons we have laws and regulations, are typically very good examples of why we have them.

“Fuck you, I’ve got mine” is not the description of a social structure, but a rationalization for greed and the utter and complete lack of a soul.


OK – got that off my chest.
I have one more rant on libertarianism proposing a “scarlet letter”, but I’ll let that go for now.
I’ll be going back to music and my experiences in the recording world next Sunday, with my IT support tech horror stories following that.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting a new “Obsession with the Freeperati” a week from today.


3 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s obsession with Random Ruminations – Creeping cancer edition

    1. The pseudo-libertarians/Republicans have been cluttering up one of the political FB groups I”m a member of, citing their displeasure of being pressured to get any kind of insurance.
      A modest proposal:
      Perhaps the solution to placate fears of the buffet bourgeoise libertarians would be a badge of pride? Perhaps a “N” for “not insured’ emblem to wear as bling?
      That way, they’d be saved the embarrassment of being taken to the emergency room and then turned away because they had neither insurance nor the $30,000 to pre-pay for their treatment.
      No one with the “N” of self-determination would be picked up by an ambulance or admitted to the hospital.
      They would be quickly removed from the gene pool, and wouldn’t leave the society they detest stuck for their hospital bills.
      Hmmm. Maybe the free market DOES work…..

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