Day One: There Is No January Exception

I didn’t expect day one of the second impeachment trial to be so emotionally gripping. Debates over standing and jurisdiction rarely are but they were today. Between the video of cosplay patriots storming the Capitol and Jamie Raskin’s powerful closing, I was shaken and moved.

All three House managers were outstanding. They argued the law, the facts, and the constitution and argued it well. Joe Neguse emerged as a star today with a brilliant disquisition of the history of impeachment, but it was Raskin who conveyed the fear and terror felt by members. They thought they were going to die in their workplace. Is there anything worse than that?

The phrase that stuck with me is part of the title of this instant analysis post. Trump’s shysters want to carve out a January exception to the rules governing presidential conduct. If it happens at the end of their term, it’s okay. None of this was okay. Murder, mayhem, and madness are never okay. If Trump is not somehow punished for this atrocious conduct this will happen again and again. It looks as if the only punishment will be the vote of the House but his presidency* will forever be associated with lies and violence.

As I said earlier, the video presentation was overwhelming. It evoked the use of George Stevens’ concentration camp film at the first Nuremberg trial. Some of the defendants were defiant, others were devastated, still others accused the prosecution of Hollywood fakery. It’s unclear if Senators reacted in any of those ways but I’m sure many Trumpers will react like the Nuremberg defendants.

I don’t feel like writing about Team Trump’s presentation today. I’m too raw to do so with even a scintilla of objectivity and fairness. They can go fuck themselves. They’re going to lose this round in any event. I may chime in about them later. Bruce Castor is droning on about how awesome senators all are. He claims to like his senators. I don’t like mine.

Republican senators have a lot of nerve calling themselves conservatives. Genuine conservatives would take a stand against the Dipshit Insurrectionists and the loudmouth president* who incited them to riot. Not the current crop of GOPers. They’ve sold their souls to the Impeached Insult Comedian. Here’s hoping that some of them have the decency to vote to convict. A conviction remains unlikely but I’m glad that the House managers are playing to win.

Repeat after me: There is no January exception.