Day Five, Act One: Can I Get A Witness?

A quick note about Friday’s Question Time. Shyster Van der Venal is the Trumpiest lawyer this side of Rudy. He was sneering and contemptuous towards all concerned. The Impeached Insult Comedian loved it, but the Pennsylvania Bar Association will not. VDV lied repeatedly, He’s not under oath but he violated ethics rules right and left. If he does not apologize he will face suspension or loss of his license.

Once again, this will be a highly impressionistic, time delayed live blogging. Live, live, live I’m staying alive. I may, however, break the sucker in half.


The Witness Interregnum was fascinating, The Incredible Mr. Lindsey wants to gum up the works but the other GOPers showed their hand so there *should* be  54 votes to convict. I’m not sure what’s up with Pat Toomey. Perhaps he’s been shamed by his homey VDV’s horrible performance.

VDV is officially a joke. His Saturday tantrum and bizarre pronunciation of Phillydelphia has made him a laughingstock. He’s the sort of Philly guy who booed Julius Erving, Mike Schmidt, and Donovan McNabb. To be blunt he’s an asshole, a typical ambulance chaser. BOOOOOOOOOOO.

Today’s MSNBC morning anchors are a joke. They’re taking Republicans literally. They’ve forgotten the Maddow Doctrine:

I’m pining for Brian Williams and Nicholle Wallace to take over. Please make it so. My ears hurt from Stephanie Ruhle’s yelling but not enough to watch CNN and the dread Wolf Blitzer.

The exception to the above lament is former Senator Claire McCaskill who has been a rock star. She’s close to some of the major senate players so she’s been invaluable. Legal analysts Goodman and Weismann have done well as well. Well, well, well…

The question of witnesses and retaliatory witness features classic Trumper bluster. The issue is what the Kaiser of Chaos said to K-Mac on the phone. It goes to the facts and his state of mind. Apparently, K-Mac has been blabbing about the Trump call to other members of his caucus, That makes it harder for him to lie about his imperfect call. So far he hasn’t denied the story.

After a break, the senate came to an agreement. Interestingly enough, the Turtle stayed on the floor during the down time. He may be voting to acquit but he’s not helping Trump’s lawyer.

The statement is coming in and the trial continues. I will post again later about the rest of the day’s proceedings.

The last word goes to Marvin Gaye: