Today on Holden’s Obsession with the Gaggle

From Holden:

Today’s gaggle was a quickie aboard Air Force One en route Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That means no Helen Thomas (Damn, does Helen not fly?), no Les Kinsolving (Damn, dos Les not fly?) and Trent “Hillary” Duffy standing in for Little Scottie (Damn, does Scottie not fly?)

After reading the following exchange my gaggle-sense tells me that it was Chimpy himself who decided to address the Georgian Hordes after they overwhelmed the metal detectors the Secret Service set up to screen them – opening himself up to a grenade attack.

Apparently the president was nearly hoisted on his own retard.

Q Trent, on the grenade, can you say who decided to go ahead with the speech after it was known that the mags had been overwhelmed and there were lots of people in the crowd who hadn’t gone through the detectors?

MR. DUFFY: I decline to comment on any types of discussions involving the events running up to the President’s events. Those are just —

Q Was it the President, himself, who decided to go ahead and do it?

MR. DUFFY: I decline to comment on those kinds of discussions. As you can imagine, the Secret Service is taking steps, real time, minute by minute, second by second, assessing the threat and making decisions as to protect the security of the President. That’s what took place here, and I don’t have anything beyond that.

Q But it’s not a security question, it’s a question of why or who in the White House decided to go ahead with the event. It’s not asking what measures are being taken to do anything differently to protect him.

MR. DUFFY: Those are private discussions, and that’s the way they’ll remain.

Q Did the President know before the event that the mags had been overwhelmed?

MR. DUFFY: I don’t have anything further for you on that.