10 thoughts on “It’s No Wonder That Karl Rove Is Such A Pathetic Human Being

  1. Since I play a scientist on TV I’ll psychoanalyse Karl based on that story.
    “All Karl’s life he has felt rejected by Authority figures. Because of that he has made it his life’s work to create the ultimate “Daddy.” The perfect stern father figure. Anything that has signs of “weakness” or “mother” he will crush as he has been crushed. He still can’t forgive his mother for lying to him so anyone who reminds him of his mother will be crushed. And the crushing will involved the things that his mother represented to him.
    He also now wants his real father to be proud of him. He has accumulated so much power that he can have people imprisoned for life, tortured and killed if they defy his surrogate father (Bush). If his real father says, “Karl I’m not impressed with that kind of power.” Instead of doing something else Karl response with Fury. Fuck your compassion! Fuck your “values!” You never were there for me and so now you will pay. All of you will pay!’
    I’m sure that Karl’s personal psychodrama has nothing to do with how he acts in the world. That’s just liberal psychobabble. He’s a rational man who is simply good at playing the political game.
    /hahahahaha. I slay myself.

  2. I don’t know. I think I’ll have to disagree to some amount. In college I had many classmates who were putting themselves through school. Their parents basically said you’re 18, time to support yourself.
    Admittedly, there are many dynamics that happened in the family that this story may possibly give a picture to. There are undoubtedly more things that happened in the family. For example, saying his mother wanted what she wanted rather than what was good for the family, etc. (And Karl wants what he wants whether it is good for the ocuntry?????)
    The one thing that struck me was that after all this time, he still seems rather wrapped up that his mother’s suicide was the ultimate FU gesture. He still hasn’t had that adult moment to see it as anything else than an insult to him?

  3. . hating himself, unka karl is a classic republican living out that hate by fucking over others. .

  4. Jesus Christ. Abandoned by his mother AND father. His mother commits suicide- and I bet he’s never seen a shrink. Its a classic horror movie on pain begetting evil.

  5. Do you know what this is? (as he rubs his thumb and forefinger together) Do you know what song it’s playing?
    There are thousands of stories like this throughout college towns.
    I was the second of 8 kids, absolutely no money for college. I worked in a lumber mill, pulling green chain for the summer, but I made it. As did my older brother who worked summers for the Forest Service as a fire fighter.
    Lots of people have worked 8 hour shifts then attended 6 hours of class for years to get their degree – without a fraternity or sorority for support.
    No crocodile tears for the Turd Blossom here. If I had found out Karl Rove was my offspring, I’m not sure I would do anything different.

  6. I don’t disagree with you, but I think the salient point isn’t the financial hardships so much as the fact that 3 out of 3 (?!?) parents wanted nothing to do with him.
    This family is disfunctional on 20 different levels … and you can see the result in Karl’s attiude to the rest of the world.
    i’m not excusing his behavior, just noting the roots of it.

  7. Imagine, he ends up with the Chimp, who came from such a warm and loving family.

  8. Interesting. Some parallels with my husband, whose mother killed herself (in a car, with carbon monoxide) when my husband was 9 years old, the oldest of 4 boys. Sadly, my husband was the one who found her.
    Then, about a month ago, we got confirmation that the man who has raised him from an infant is not his biological father, as my husband’s mother was pregnant by another man when she got married.
    Fortunately, now that most everything is out in the open, I have hope that my husband can put some of his issues to rest. Not to say that he’s not a great guy to me and our son, because he is. He’s pretty hard on himself, though, and even after 13 years of marriage, he still has some serious intimacy issues.
    Ah, the violence parents can visit on their kids . . . .

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