Go to the Darkness or the Light?

Has Richard Perle led us irrevocably into his Darkness? Here is Perle speaking in the documentary “Why We Fight” …

The world has changed and we‘re not going back to where we were. I find one of the sillier ideas is the notion and you hear it all the time that American policy has been hijacked by a handful of people and as soon as they‘re out of there we‘re going to go back to the way it was. They‘re wrong about that.Because we are not the same people we were before.

Once we have drank the blood? That was my first thought upon hearing that last line. And for the first time I was struck with a chill that Perle has sought war not just to transform the world in a quest for empire but further to conquer US. We are now the people who wage pre-emptive and arguably aggressive war. We are now the people who torture. These are thresholds once passed that I believe will alter our psyche and vanquish our soul. We will not be the same collective being and if Perle is not the true Prince of Darkness he must certainly be its understudy.

And our response? Well I hear lyrical possibilities:

We can fight for our souls…

By grace

(my place is of the sun)

My sight

(and this place is of the dark)

Is growing stronger

(I do not feel the romance)

I will not be a pawn

(I will not be)

For the prince of darkness any longer

Or be overcome…

Oh how I wish I were a trinity

So if I lost a part

of me

I’d still have two of the same to live

(lyrics from indigo girls: prince of darkness & love‘s recovery)

5 thoughts on “Go to the Darkness or the Light?

  1. I’ve always loved “Prince of Darkness”–the song, not Richard Perle or any other stand-in. It gave me one of my favorite moments in London. The last night we were there, my friend and I sang that song a capella in the tube station as we had in lots of tube stations lots of times while waiting for trains. And this guy came up to us and said he never expected to hear the Indigo Girls in a tube station. The grin didn’t leave my face for days.
    But I’d never thought about the lyrics quite this way before. I feel like we’re stuck in the middle of the ocean with no boat. We could start paddling, but where? And what good would it do?
    Yet here I am, paddling like crazy and hoping it’s in the right direction. And really, really hoping the sharks don’t think I’m a tasty treat…
    Okay, I just freaked myself out.

  2. we who do not want to follow he neoconderthals will be the heros in the fututre.
    for we did not drink the blood.
    not that pansypoo is a hero. she does eat meat.
    but always well done.

  3. My friend once described Richard Perle as piece of shit who was crapped out of Don Rumsfeld’s ass in the darkest depths of night.
    I have found nothing to refute this to date.

  4. It’s obvious where Perle and his ilk have gone.
    It’s obvious that the American military paleocons are wondering where they’re going now that their dreams of Glory and Empire have brought them to the brink.
    Let me suggest to Mr. Perle, and his minions who might read this, that where they have gone, we will not follow.
    Do what they will.
    Their darkness may consume them, and they may torment the world and the humans walking it, but their own acts condemn them and them alone to Endless Shadow.

  5. bravo. A.’s right – you rock, Scout. and me – i’m voting for going to the light vis-a-vis fighting for our souls.
    and yay for quoting indigo girls. i agree with BuggyQ – never thought of The Prince of Darkness in this way, but it works. as does the boat-in-the-water-where-to-go-look-out-here-come-the-sharks image. scared me, too. but here, i’ll borrow from Ani to allay any fears (a little graphic, maybe, but i’ve always loved this one):
    “i’m gonna do my best swan dive
    into shark infested waters
    i’m gonna pull out my tampon
    and start splashing around
    cuz i don’t care if they eat me alive
    i’ve got better things to do then survive…”

    and there you have my random (lack of) contribution. it’s been a tough day. sorry. 😉

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