Dead Man Talking Hangs At Red State

Fat Dennyhones his message of pitiful co-option of sci-fi movie clichs before the slavering hordes of orcs (hey, if he’s gonna take it there):

They want, quite simply, to terror-bomb us and our values back to the Dark Ages. As far as we are concerned, our enemies present to us a choice not between war and peace but between war and chaos. They will fight us whether we choose to fight back or not. As far as Republicans are concerned we are in a fight for our freedom and even our lives.

But the reception is less than kind:

You say you can keep us safe, and I believe in the long run the GOP can keep us safer than the defeatocrats, but honestly, your own office blocking an investigation into corruption to keep Capital Hill safe? An a No-Bid Contract, claimed to be completely ineffective from the planning stage, and nothing more than a cash cow. Is this the sort of leadership our votes/hard work/dollars deserve? Myself, I’m looking for a new brand of Republican leadership.

With all due respect to the Speaker, under his watch, Republicans have presided over vast increases in spending, enlarging the size and scope of the federal government to record levels.

It’s a real problem. Just using myself as an example. I am a former Executive Director of the California Republican Party, have worked on GOP campaigns and causes for two decades, and when I see a post from the Speaker, I get irate.

The War on Terror is very important. But to me, the House GOP Leadership right now stands for growth in government.

If Speaker Hastert’s intention is to argue that the only reason we should not stay home this time around is that terrorists will attack us if the Dems seize power, then I’m sorry, but I you’re going to have to do better than that.

If you look up “pwned” in the dictionary, it says, “When the Republican Speaker of the House can’t get a table at a right-wing blog.” So sad.


5 thoughts on “Dead Man Talking Hangs At Red State

  1. “The picture shows the results of letting the radical left, who controls the Democratic party today and who dominated that 1974 Congress, get in control.”
    awwww, how cute. they think the“radical” left is in control… No, no, no…if the “radical left” was running the Democratic show, we’d have some folks with balls in charge. Just saying…

  2. Here’s a nice one from the comments:
    I’m in the Indiana 8th CD, my representative has been raked over the coals because he voted against aid for Katrina, (I agree with him.) He voted to cut funding on a number of programs, at least so say the Democratic adverts. I support him. So, I’m not speaking of contesting every incumbent, just the ones that haven’t performed their duties as perceived by their constituents.
    My bolding. Why are Republican Americans against aid for Katrina?

  3. “cuz, cuz, cuz…why’d those idiots in NOLA decide to live below sea-level anyway, huh? it’s their own damn faults they got drowneded. why should my tax dollars go to those folks asking for handouts when there’s terra to defend against?”
    ::shrug:: i dunno…doesn’t make sense to me either.

  4. If I remember correctly, it’s because New Orleans deserved it and everybody should have evacuated in their limousines.
    It couldn’t have made much more sense than that, anyway.

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