16 thoughts on “191 of me

  1. Zero — I have a common first name (28th most popular) but no one with my last name. And there are 0 people with my husband’s first name and 0 with his last name. Does this mean he doesn’t exist? Am I only half alive?
    What about our children?

  2. 817. Very common.
    3 of my wife.
    20 of my oldest child
    1133 (109) of my middle child (nickname is rarer)
    2 of my youngest (she’s very special)

  3. zero. My first name is not on their list, it is fairly uncommon. My last name has 69.857 to share it with.
    Hubby has 125 name mates and my daughter has 5.
    Funny thing is, my one dog has 3 more that I do!!!
    G in INdiana

  4. zero of me, too. There are over 100,000 with my first name, but none with both.

  5. 24 of me – and 101 of my son, who I thought had a first name far more unique than mine. My husband is one of 14,000 (first name is #1, last name is #12) – but he’s one of a kind to us!

  6. None of me either 🙁
    My first name is shared with 572,940 others and is statistically the 87th most popular first name. (tied with 2 other first names). My last name is unknown.

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