Kerry: I apologize to no one

Republicans jumped ona joke made by Sen John Kerry yesterday in CA contending he was calling the troops stupid…

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

Today Kerry explained that…

“My statement yesterday — and the White House knows this full well — was a botched joke about the president and the president’s people, not about the troops,” said Kerry.

And then hit back…

UPDATE: FromDaily Kos

One surprise: just heard Tweety say flat out that reading the full transcript it’s clear that Kerry was insulting the president, not the troops. Dick Armey was on at the time and essentially agreed and laughed about how funny it was that the GOP was feigning mock outrage. Ha ha. Ha ha. Funny funny GOP.


14 thoughts on “Kerry: I apologize to no one

  1. o my god!
    finally someone standing up and calling the hate-merchants out for what they are.
    finally something like a wound where the truth bleeds out has been opened.

  2. Its about goddam time. I fear its too late. The damage is done. But still, never the wrong time to do or say the right thing.
    I don’t think he cleared it up enough though, he should have been more clear that it is the president that didn’t do his homework, the president that isn’t educated about the decidsions he’s making, the president that didn’t study the situation and the president that doesn’t have a plan for Iraq.
    For people who took it the wrong way, he needs to speak slowly and repeat often until they get it. If there is one thing I have learned in the last six years, it is that there are way more ignorant people, whether purposely bilssfully ignorant or otherwise, than anyone thinks there are. Americans are asleep. They don’t wak up until they get poked real hard in the pocketbook. The policiticians know this. Its their best weapon.

  3. As A. would say “Hit ’em with the chair!!!”
    Iwonder is right, though. He really should have explained more succinctly that it was Bush he suggested did not educate himself before getting stuck in Iraq. These wingnuts are none too bright and have to have everything repeated over and over and over…

  4. …cant wait for the Malkin unhinged comments
    This story will definately distract the Wingnuts from the election this week and could work in the favor of the DEMS…
    the more time they attack Kerry is less time they have to tell Rethugs to get out, hold their noses and vote for Repubs…
    but we will see
    good to see someone stand up to these cowards…

  5. .
    wow, Kerry grows a pair…or did he just borrow them from Keith Olbermann.

  6. .
    win or lose, this is the kind of stuff people can respect:
    not taking lies, bullshit, and distortions,
    standing up for truth and reality,
    not trying to triangulate,
    not being a vichy democrat,
    not being trickydick joe losermon.

  7. he “shouldn’t” do anything except stand his ground. If he apologizes, he allows the administration to define him (and dems by extension). Let him define himself.

  8. Kerry makes a tiny little mistake, leaving his meaning unclear. The MSM jumps on this major story, giving it many minutes on each newscast. Bush speaks, anywhere, anytime, about anything, makes constant mistakes, lies, and bumbles so much no one knows what he is trying to say. The MSM never even notices.
    Darn liberal media.

  9. “Bush speaks, anywhere, anytime, about anything, makes constant mistakes, lies, and bumbles so much no one knows what he is trying to say. The MSM never even notices.”
    Actually, no matter how awful what Bush says is, it will always get the most generous and favorable interpretation possible. The opposite of what Kerry and any other Democrat gets, in other words.

  10. well, georgie is ‘special’. poliite people don’t pick on ‘special’ people.

  11. Tweety is about as loyal as a doughnut. The tide is definitely turning and that is so great. I am almost afraid to have hope. I talk to a lot of people that say they were so devastated by the 2004 results, as I was, that we went into a funk afterwards and are now leary of getting too exicited about the recent events in our favor. The present power-holders are so evil. They will stop at nothing to win. Nothing. They are worried and that makes them dangerous. They will pull no punches. I hope Kerry sticks to his guns.

  12. Kerry showing his true colors. First it was a misquote, then it was part of a vast right-wing conspiracy, now it is a joke? (I have visions of flip-floppers dancing in my head.) He has always been an elitist douche bag. If he was really growing a pair, he would admit that this is just another example of how he really thinks.

  13. Easy to have such strong words for an American War hero and congressman who has served his country his entire life when you are ANONYMOUS. Just like all of your rethuglikkkan brothers in arms, a coward and a cad.

  14. Wait… What’s that I hear? Why it is Kerry issuing an apology! I am shocked, SHOCKED, that after so valiantly standing up to reason, Kerry is flip-flopping. It is unfortunate that he has to ‘cave’ in order to do the right thing.

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