27 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. I’m sure some of our more witty commenters will offer much better captions, but here’s my attempt:
    “It’s you, Stupid!”
    “What was that whole ‘personal responsibility” thing all about again?”

  2. “Restoring what and what to the office again, Shrubby?”
    “You honestly thought that all it took to establish a Presidential legacy was a second term!? I don’t care who you are, that right there’s funny.”

  3. “Don’t worry, guy. I was myself once at 31% approval.”
    “Really, Mr. Clinton?”
    “Not even close. Jackass!”

  4. No caption this time, just an observation. I was struck by the posing of that picture… as I learned in Art History many many moons ago, in medieval times, patrons paid money to appear in pictures… people who appeared in profile weredead (family members ponied up the cash as a rememberance).
    Combined with the contrasting facial expressions, and skin tones, I really think that’s where the photographer was headed here.
    And certainly preferable to the halo shot which was all the rage just a few years ago.

  5. The Big Dog goes, “WOOF! WOOF!”
    The pet goat goes, “BBBAAAAAAAHHHHHH!”

  6. President Clinton yuks it up as Bush nails his trademark “Laura during sex” impression.

  7. GFH Bush: “I’m wearing your underwear, and it doesn’t fit!”
    BC: “You’re not supposed to wear it on your head.”
    — Paul in LA

  8. “The Democrats are gonna do FAR worse to you than what I EVER got from the Republicans!”

  9. my wife’s gonna be president and your brother isn’t! nyah, nyah!
    -dan mcenroe

  10. Having just seen the news, I am guessing that this picture was from a political event pushing for Martin Luther King to get a memorial in Washington, DC – and Bush gave a rousing speech of how he admires King and is for civil rights????????
    Caption – “You told them what?”

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