Questioning Judy’s So-Called Standards

Judith “I was proved fucking right” Miller, who was brought in to testify yesterday on the possible torture of Muhammad Salah in a federal trial in IL, had her credibility questioned by the defendant’s lawyers according to theChicago Tribune

Lawyers for Salah and co-defendant, Abdelhaleem Ashqar, questioned her credibility given the controversies surrounding her reporting on the war in Iraq, among other things.


Salah’s lawyer, Michael Deutsch, asked Miller whether her job was to cultivate special access through high government officials, and whether she would then print the stories they wanted to see. As an example, he pointed to her stories in 2003 that said there were definitely weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq, which has since been disproven.

“I don’t think I used the word `definitely,'” said Miller, who denied she had made any deals to slant her writing on Salah.

Deutsch asked whether it is true that Miller is no longer at The New York Times because she had reported information fed to her by U.S. government officials in the run-up to the Iraq war.

“No, sir, that is not why I left The New York Times,” said Miller, who left the paper a year ago after 28 years.

She should know…

The defense lawyers asked whether her access to Salah could have been engineered to influence the U.S. into taking seriously Israeli claims that Hamas had operations inside America. Miller said she did not believe she was the target of a propaganda effort, though she said she agreed governments do try to use newspapers.

“It is my experience that everyone tries to spin,” she said.