10 thoughts on “Happy Harry Photo: Giant Space Sombrero Edition Redux

  1. I gather his gesture is intended to describe his Great Big Clanging Balls of Steel. Sized to go with that monster halo.
    Either that or he’s describing his “Grrrreat Tracts of Land,” Monty Python style. Perhaps equally applicable, but maybe not quite so much fun.

  2. Good opportunity to ask about a comment Bush made about himself and Reid.
    After the meeting (you know, the one where Bush made the gigantic concession of wearing a blue tie), Bush talked about how much he and Reid were alike. One of his remarks was that they were both from the west – Reid from Nevada, Bush from west Texas.
    I went back and looked. according to Wikipedia, Bush was born in an Atlantic Coastal state (well its the west side of the Atlantic). Then moved to Texas where he was in Houston and Midland.
    The most credible way to take that is that Midland is counted as West Texas (and ignore what percentage of his life he spend there). Even then, Midland looks like more central Texas (although would be West Texas in the sense of being West of Dallas and Houston – bot don’t tell El Paso that).
    Now Bush claims to be a Texas native son. Additionally he was governor for a while. As Governor of Texas, couldn’t he have learned where the cities are?

  3. Reid: “Now youse Republicans behave or I get Chuck and Rich here to put’cha balls ina vise like ‘dis.”

  4. Maybe he just listened to The Streets of Laredo one too many times. He obviously took to heart the lines,
    “I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy. You can see by my outfit that I’m a cowboy too. I see by our outfit that we are both cowboys. If you had an outfit, you could be a cowboy, too.”

  5. Hey, wasn’t this the pic that came out after Reid and his two cappos shut down the Senate to extract a promise from Pat Robertson to do part II of the intel committee’s investigation of Iraq war intel? What the hell ever happenned to that? That better be pretty high up on Harry’s todo list.

  6. And, then, I’m gonna take Dick Cheney’s balls in my hands and I’m gonna squeeze and squeeze and squeeze . . . .

  7. I’m used to see C&C in the title – for Caffeine and Cats
    Just imagine the effect of spewing coffee and the cat in your lap suddently awakened.

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