I reckon that’s that

It’s been coming for awhile I suppose but I din’t quite see it clearly until today. If I had to say when it all started it would be about 1 1/2 Friedman’s ago when Michelle (Malkin) started going on and on about cartoons. It’s been the same thing …Islamic fascism agin and agin since. Well sometimes she doesn’t like Mexicans but all in all that’s bout it. She don’t make my blood boil anymore. She doesn’t make me laugh and there sure is nothin new worth fightin over. I’ll be dogged if she isn’t the most boring child I’ve ever met.

Today I realized Michelle is just no fun anymore.


7 thoughts on “I reckon that’s that

  1. Well, now, you just got *exactly* the right voice. Nicely done, my dear. The Fruitcake Lady would be proud.

  2. Geez, Michelle -wanna-be-Ann-Coulter- is in it only for Michelle, though she’s really only as relevant as the info/hints her hubby feeds to her.

  3. That’s the problem with recycling. Not always so good the third time through.
    quick, we need a million more monkeys, pronto!

  4. okay, so now can you work on making that fruitbat over at Atlas Shrugs irrelevant? btw, she’s declared “Death to Germany.”

  5. She doesn’t make youre blood boil anymore. To a large degree she has won her battle. The main objective of the Malkins, Limbaughs, Hannitys, and O’Reilly’s is to make the unacceptable acceptable. To legitamize opinions that were once rightly seen as disgusting and inject them into the mainstream. That is what they do day after day and it works.

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