It’s Recess! Yea!

Chimpy, yesterday:

I thought the election said they want to see more bipartisan cooperation; they want to see us working together to achieve common objectives. And I’m going to continue to reach out to Democrats to do just that.

Here’s Chimpy on the very same day demonstrating his understanding of “bipartisan cooperation”.

The President has recess appointed Warren Bell, of California, to be a Member of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The President has recess appointed Wayne Cartwright Beyer, of New Hampshire, to be a Member of the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

The President has recess appointed Mark McKinnon, of Texas, to be a Member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

That would be conservative sitcom writer Warren Bell (“According to Jim”) who’s nomination the Sentate Commerce Committee removed from their agenda in August due to his lack of qualifications.

Then we have Wayne Cartwright Beyer of the Federalist Society who’s nomination was returned to the president by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affiars Committee with no recommendation, thus requiring the president to renominate him once the new Senate convenes.

And finally there’s former Bush campaign press flak Mark McKinnon who’s nomination was also returned to the president with neither confrimation nor rejection in the same manner as Beyer’s nomination.

Nice spirit of cooperation ya’ got working there, Chimpy.

4 thoughts on “It’s Recess! Yea!

  1. So do I, like, understand, like, correctly that these folks were so bad that even the Republican Congress refused them?

  2. Why oh why does anyone ever believe a word Bush says? The man is incapable of recognizing the meaning of what he says, let alone meaning what he says. It would not be far off base to say he is a psychopath.

  3. My inner spelling cop says “whose” instead of “who’s.”
    Great find!

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