3 thoughts on “Surge!

  1. Surge is just a propaganda term invented by the Bush team. What they are doing is escalating the war and sending more young Americans to their senseless deaths.
    The only surge is the surge in opposition to this war and these policies. Cosmetic changes won’t alter that.

  2. more likely the collapse of the iWaq government.
    and and and of course we can’t leave, they have OUR oil.

  3. Any progressive answer to Shrillary is all good. I have always liked him better than Kerry.
    My prediction about the Decider taking so long to mull this whole ‘war thing’ over: He is waiting for some “intelligence” about WMDs or Iran helping the Shiites or some other really big story to prove to all us Merkins that we have to put more troops over there. We should start seeing stories to this effect within the next two weeks. Thats it.

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