Another Rat Jumps

The AP just put out this one-line story:

WASHINGTON – White House legal counsel Harriet Miers has submitted her resignation.

Oh, my. Afraid of the new Democratic Congress, Harriet?

Looks like the Chimpster is down to Laura and Barney.

UPDATE: ‘Twas Josh Bolten who pushed Miers out of the door.

He said Miers, 61, a loyal adviser to the president for years, has been having conversations with White House chief of staff Joshua Bolten about leaving for some time and both agreed that it was time for a change at the White House office of legal counsel.

8 thoughts on “Another Rat Jumps

  1. Even more so if the scenario proffered by BooMan is correct, and Negroponte is moving to State to take over so that Condi can leave under pretext of exhaustion (buying Ferragamos is HARD WORK, PEOPLE).
    And don’t the tabloids say that the Asshole doesn’t even have the Laurabot anymore?

  2. Are you kidding? Barney’s loyalty is to whoever gives him the most love and the most food.
    Dubya gives him neither. It’s just Laura. And I’m betting she’s pretty iffy.

  3. He’s still got Condi for now. And, as Anonymous above notes, Karen Huge.

  4. Me thinks of his mommy as a stone-cold, bitter demon.
    While the two are perfect for each other, I wouldn’t think of her as a source of warmth and comfort.

  5. Miers used to be W’s personal counsel – is it just possible that she’s seen the writing on the wall and thought it a better idea to go back to her old job than continue in her political one and sink with BushCo?

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