Go Dems, Go!

According to the new Harris Interactive Poll America wants the new Democratic Congress to kick some ass.

Just over half (56%) would support investigations into allegations that have been made about various actions of the Bush Administration. A partisan breakdown occurs here, as over eight in ten (82%) Democrats would support these investigations compared to less than one-quarter (23%) of Republicans.


Seven in 10 (69%) would support enacting legislation which would speed up the removal of troops from Iraq. There are large partisan differences here as well, with 90 percent of Democrats and 70 percent of Independents all support the enacting of this legislation, but only 44 percent of Republicans feeling the same way.


When asked what they think about the recent Congressional elections, just under half (47%) say they believe the result is a good thing for the country, while one in five (19%) say it is a bad thing and one-third (35%) are unsure. Though Republicans are much more likely to think the elections were a bad thing, surprisingly, less than half (47%) that feel this way (versus 17% who say it was good). Three quarters of Democrats, on the other hand, think the election was a good thing (versus only 2% who say it was bad).

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