Goddamn Islamofascilibhomodemons!

Holy crap! Two winger icons came out all anti-surge today. First up, via Eric Kleefeld, convicted felon Ollie North.

“A ‘surge’ or ‘targeted increase in U.S. troop strength’ or whatever the politicians want to call dispatching more combat troops to Iraq isn’t the answer. Adding more trainers and helping the Iraqis to help themselves, is. Sending more U.S. combat troops is simply sending more targets.”

Next, via the lovely Dan Froomkin, the less-iconic Charles Krauthammer

“For the Iraqi government to have botched both [Saddam Hussein’s] trial and execution . . . and turned monster into victim, is not just a tragedy but a crime. . . .

“The whole sorry affair illustrates not just incompetence but also the ingrained intolerance and sectarianism of the Maliki government. It stands for Shiite unity and Shiite dominance above all else. . . .

“We should not be surging American troops in defense of such a government.”

7 thoughts on “Goddamn Islamofascilibhomodemons!

  1. Well isn’t Craphammer laying the groundwork for the claim that it’s time to flush the purple-finger experiment and start over with some good old-fashioned dictatin’? I read a Time story by Mark Kukis that claims the people of Iraq are longing for George Bush to deliver unto them a new government (based as best I can tell on an interview with one political science professor). I don’t believe that for a second, but somebody must be pushing the story line. Maliki says he doesn’t really want his job, and I suspect he’s going to get his wish.

  2. George Will is against it too.
    Success has many parents. Failure is an orphan.

  3. now we can call the sheeple incompetant as well. right? or is it the media?

  4. that’s the ptoblem with calliung them the riGHt wing when they so often are not. gotta start the meme the wrong wing. make that Wrong Wing.

  5. correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t The Decider dump our first guy Allawi and replace him with this guy cause he thought he’d be better at running the government?
    so yeah, if you’ve got an incompetent government, run by an incompetent, you gotta look at who put that incompetent there in the first place. another incompetent.

  6. What gets me is that these idiots couldn’t see this coming. Arrogant and stupid is a very bad combination.

  7. Any chance that Krauthammer’s claims of incompetence against the Iraqis will translate to a perception of incompetence on the one who brought Malaki along and keeps voicing his support of his fine job – and I might add is likely pulling the strings behind the scenes (that is, The Decider)??

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