Santorum Resurfaces

Looks like it’s wingnut welfare for Rick Santorum as he protects us from the Scary Brown People.

Rick Santorum has gone from junior senator to senior fellow: As of today, the Pennsylvania Republican is an employee of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, a Washington-based think tank. “I want to contribute to the world of ideas,” he says.


Yet he hopes to remain in the public spotlight as director of the EPPC’s brand-new America’s Enemies program.

“It’s a stark name,” says Santorum. “But we wanted to be candid about the fact that America really does have enemies and to point out that the nature of these enemies is much more complex than what people realize. It’s not just Islamic fascism, but also Venezuela, North Korea, and, increasingly in my opinion, Russia.”

I bet America’s enemies are shaking in their boots.

13 thoughts on “Santorum Resurfaces

  1. It’s entirely appropriate that Santorum be in charge of America’s Enemies. Perhaps when Preznit Bullshit and Cheney leave office they will take part in that program as well.

  2. maybe Li’l Prick can hook-up/coordinate with hannity’s new ‘Enemies of The State’ segment. Little Pricky can ID the enemies and hannity can award them their prize. .

  3. Any truth to the rumor that the walls of the offices at E&PPC are padded?
    – bo
    Also, anybody know whazzup with blogger? How long ago did it crash?

  4. oh for fuck’s sake. America’s Enemies? Will they all be teh gay?
    Why is there no lefty thinktank welfare, goddammit? Where is my Soros check?
    this blogger malfunction is screwing with my day. I demand it be fixed.
    TJ, extra spicy potentially employed pinko commie!

  5. Yeah, at first reading I thought Santorum was being named a charter Enemy of America’s Enemies. Bozo.

  6. its because of ass clowns like Santorum that no one takes the US seriously anymore. The only reason anyone pays attention to anything this stupid goverment does is because they have big bombs.
    When the Chinese take over here in the United States of Dumbfuckistan, people like Santorum will be lucky to get a job cleaning shit from rice paddys

  7. I want to contribute to the world of World Series Home Run leaders, but I’m about as equipped to do that as Ricky is to “contribute to the world of ideas.”

  8. at least Drickie isn’t in the senate like joemental. but a ‘think’ tank??? and they said irony was dead.

  9. Ethics and Public Policy Center?
    Since when did he have either?
    Thor Heyerdahl

  10. “Santorum Resurfaces” — well, someone stand on his shoulders until he goes back under.
    For pity’s sake, do I have to tell you people everything?

  11. Maybe Ricky can explain why exactly Venezuela is on an “America’s Enemies” list? Could it possibly be because Senior Chavez actually have the balls to tell Washington to go fuck itself?. So Ricky’s now working for a think tank – wingnut welfare indeed. I wonder which think tank Tony Blair’s gonna get a job with once he finally gets booted out of office?

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