5 thoughts on “Desperate

  1. I forget what it was, only that was extremely lame.
    I do remember James Wolcott absolutely feasting on it with a killer post.
    I also remember thinking at the time how singular and unique the behavior was. I mean, think about it, since when was grabbing your own tit a cultural trait among women in America?
    I searched carefully in my memory of women posing for pictures in yearbooks, sports teams, business groups, parties, weddings…nothing. No chicks grabbing their own tits anywhere.
    Did she mean to imply that this creep was hot, somehow, and that soon after the image was to be taken her breast was indeed soon to be hungrily grasped, by her? Or him?
    He seems thrilled with either idea, truly, look at him.
    I know this is all meaningless babble, but I have no other response in this crazy county this fine January day. The war in Iraq desperately needs to end but the President wants new war with with Iran.
    So here I will mutter quietly, wandering aimlessly around in my bewilderment at what’s happened to our country. With Atlas Jugs.
    What can I say? It’s a crazy world, don’t look at me.

  2. well, must be flaunting the only worthy thinh she possesses.
    or she paid a lot for them and needs to get her $ worth.

  3. That any government body would regard her insensate ravings as wothty commentary and insight when discussing something as big as the ongoing Iraq debacle proves that we are currently living under the rule of demented children.
    I guess this means i should consider asking the strange old lady down the street who reeks of cat urine despite not appearing to have any cats about important matters of hygiene, it’d make as much sense

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