7 thoughts on “Nobody Likes Mah Plan!

  1. what is wrong with him- that can’t be a tear, can it?
    are you playing around with Photoshop, H?

  2. He did a photo-op with Congressional Medal of Honor recipients this morning and managed to work up a tear for the cameras.

  3. I’ve seen sharks with livelier and more sparkling eyes than this guy. He’s just completely dead and soulless.

  4. If that’s not the face of a hardcore alcoholic fallen way off the wagon, I’m not Aaaargh.
    —Aaaargh, who is me.

  5. wow, never thought a tear could be 100 proof! But chimpy made it happen! the man (ha!) is an @sshat! the sooner he is no longer ruining this country and world, the better!

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