The Saints came home to a lot of love

4 thoughts on “The Saints came home to a lot of love

  1. piegrrrl says:

    Dadgummit. Started the morning off crying. Crying about the resilence of humanity.

  2. Sophmom says:

    Well, that’s got me blubbering like a damn baby. Wow.

  3. Gozer says:

    Never will you find more dedicated fans than Saints fans.
    They have traditionally been one of the worst teams in American football, but we’ve never given up on them. Hell, it’s somewhat a matter of pride that the Saints do badly, it fits with the general motif of New Orleans. And it makes events like this all the more sweet, even if we didn’t make it to the Super Bowl.
    It’s the team that could from the city that almost wasn’t.
    Geaux Saints!

  4. mdhatter says:

    After reading this I may never be able to call them the ‘aints, ever again.

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