With A Cane That He Twirled ‘Round His Diamond Ring Finger

Every now and then I check out the White House’s Current News page to keep up with what they’re up to. It’s a good place to find the latest signing statements and the like.

This announcement caught my eye today.

President Bush Names Amy Zantzinger as White House Social Secretary

President George W. Bush announced today that Amy Swartz Zantzinger has been named Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary.


She is married to Richard Zantzinger and they have two children.

Richard Zantzinger, Richard Zantzinger… why does that name ring a bell?

Oh, yeah, Richard Zantzinger was the prominent Washington, DC, real estate investor and Maryland politico who fathered William Zantzinger, the 24-year-old socialite who drunkenly caned Hattie Carroll, immortalized in Bob Dylan’s The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll.

I wonder if the new White House Social Secretary’s spouse is related to William Zantzinger of those changing times?

2 thoughts on “With A Cane That He Twirled ‘Round His Diamond Ring Finger

  1. charley says:

    possibly one of the best dylan songs ever.
    ok, i say that about most of ’em up to the mid 70s

  2. knobboy says:

    Very nice catch there, HC.

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