“Friendly” Fire

Most of us may have forgotten about the rescue of kidnapped Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena in which Sgrena was wounded and her savior Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari was killed by US soldiers. The Italians haven’t forgotten.

A judge Wednesday ordered a U.S. soldier to stand trial in absentia for the fatal shooting of an Italian intelligence agent at a checkpoint in Baghdad, the prosecutor said.

Spc. Mario Lozano is indicted for murder and attempted murder in the death of Nicola Calipari, who was shot on March 4, 2005, on his way to the Baghdad airport shortly after securing the release of an Italian journalist who had been kidnapped in the Iraqi capital, prosecutor Pietro Saviotti said.

One thought on ““Friendly” Fire

  1. Let us not forget the context: Sgrena was investigating the US pogrom on Fallujah — including the reports of the use of white phosphorus on civilians/hostiles, which the Pentagon later admitted to.
    They shot up the car to kill the whistleblower.
    Then they wouldn’t turn over the car to the Italian authorities, or let them inspect it.
    The press photo later showed CENTCOM turning over a lookalike car that was NOT shot up.

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