I Forgot Denmark!

In my previous post this morning I forgot about a third country that is ready to bug out of Iraq.

In an announcement carefully coordinated with Britain, Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in Copenhagen that all Danish troops would leave southern Iraq in August. Most of the Danish troops are under British command.

Here’s Prime Minister Rasmussen, below, covered in the red paint thrown on him by his countrymen after he announced that Danish troops would be joining Chimpy’s Vanity War in Iraq on March 19, 2003.

And what was the Bush Assministration’s to response to the British announcement of a timetable for the removal of their troops from Iraq? No, the British were not accused of “emboldening” the enemy by setting deadlines.

The White House on Wednesday welcomed plans by close ally Britain to start pulling troops out of Iraq, with Vice President Dick Cheney calling the move a sign ‘things are going pretty well’ there.


‘What I see is an affirmation of Iraq, where things are going pretty well,’ Cheney told ABC News from Japan.

‘I talked to a friend … who had driven the other day from Baghdad to Basra in seven hours, found the situation dramatically improved compared to where it was a year or so ago.’

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