Bush profanity

Thiscomes from Bush on a day when we learn that the DoD has cracked down on troops at Walter Reed for talking to the media. The hypocrisy is downright profane…

THE PRESIDENT: One of the most enjoyable things I do as the President
is to hear stories of my fellow citizens — stories of compassion,
stories of care. I just talked to social entrepreneurs who have decided
to help improve the lives of our servicemen and women and their
families. There are some remarkable acts of kindness by people who have
taken it upon themselves to serve their country by helping a neighbor in
need. Whether it be helping the chaplains help kids, or whether it be
helping a family of the injured, whether it be working at Walter Reed or
supporting troops getting ready to go into combat, these good men and
women really represent the very best of America.

I ask my fellow citizens to support our troops and their families.
There are all kinds of ways you can find out how to do so.
AmericaSupportsYou.mil, for example, is a website that if you really do
want to participate like these citizens have, that you can find a way to
contribute your time or your money, your talents, to really send a
message that America supports these brave volunteers who are out
defending their country in the war on terror.

So I thank you all for joining us. It’s been my great pleasure to hear
from you. I’m proud to be the President of a country with so many
decent citizens.

5 thoughts on “Bush profanity

  1. Let us draw a timeline:
    *) In the background, Walter Reed staff ignore conditions. Complaints were made confidentially and never saw the light of day. Nor were conditions changed.
    *) Report reports on deplorable conditions
    *) Conservative pundits immediately blame the reporter (to the extent that I wonder how many people only heard the initial and therefore still believe that the whole thing is a liberal plot)
    *) Other reporters come in – verify the original story
    *) In the face of overwhelming evidence, the Army apologizes and puts on a fresh coat of paint.
    *) Reporters leave
    *) Army now blames the real problem – the people who complained.
    Sounds like standard military proceedure to me.

  2. Not hypocrisy at all. This is exactly what this administration wants: steal our tax money, give it to Halliburton, et al., and then rely on the goodness of people a lot less well off financially, but far better off morally, than the Bushes or Cheneys to make it up out of their pockets.
    Everything is going according to plan.

  3. Of course the “social entrepreneurs” are supposed to be a substitute for the kind of care that the VA is intended by law to be providing. Thousand points of light, my ass. That’s just a way of pretending not to notice the darkness that their policies have caused to descend over us all.

  4. I know a great way to honor all the troops. Get rid of the
    trash in the white house, and then send them to the Hague
    for crimes against who have suffered, and died for these
    so called pigs in the people’s house. From the make believe
    president to the bottom of the garbage heap

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