A Month of Les

In the comments attached to yesterday’s Obsession MapleStreet asked:

[A]s space is limited in the Press Room, how does Les keep from loosing his seat? As limited as time is in the press room, why does Les get a question every single session?

Funny, I was thinking the very same thing. It’s time to say good-bye to Les.

Les Kinsolving is a waste of both space and time. He contributes nothing to the gaggle other than himself as a target of ridicule for Pony Blow, this blogger, and I imagine the rest of the press corps.

Les doesn’t ask questions, instead he proclaims his own weird beliefs and then requires the the president, as represented by Pony Blow, agree with him. His inquiries do nothing to enhance our knowledge of the Bush Assministration and its policies, they only serve to display Kinsolving’s prejudices and twisted world view. 

In the extended text below I’ve compiled a sampling of Les’ gaggle questions from the month of February 2007. I’ve been monitoring Les for three years now, I have tons of Kinsolving questions in the archives. But this single month of questions adequately demonstrates that there really should be no place for Les Kinsolving in the briefing room.

February 1

Q Thank you, Tony. Two questions. Since the President told Fox News yesterday that he is “impressed” by Senator Obama, who he finds “attractive and articulate,” surely you can tell us, Tony, what the President thinks of a widely reported page 1 quote of Senator Biden that Senator Obama is “clean”?

February 6

Q I have a couple of follow-ups. The Fort Worth Star Telegraph quotes President Bush on Fox TV network as saying that he is bound by strict federal guidelines on pardons, and cannot immediately grant a pardon to Border Patrol agents Ramos and Campean because, quote, “there is a series of steps that are analyzed in order for the Justice Department to make a recommendation as to whether or not a President grants a pardon,” from the President. Was this series of analyzed steps followed when President Jerry Ford pardoned President Nixon even before he was tried; when President Carter pardoned all those draft resisters?

February 12

Q Tony, Senator Feinstein has been authorized by Judiciary Committee Chairman Leahy to lead a Senate investigation of the case of former U.S. Border Patrol Agent Ignacio Ramos, who was assaulted by four other inmates in the federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi, about which Senator Feinstein said this — and this is a quote — “I urge the committee to look into why these agents are not being protected in the federal prison system. It is not hard to predict that two federal agents would be targeted in a prison population.”

And my question, what is the President’s reaction to this upcoming investigation and Republican Congressman Rohrabacher’s warning of “impeachment talk if either of these agents is killed”?

February 13

Q I have never heard you or any of your 10 predecessors — whom I have covered at that podium — use the obscene words for feces, fornication, semen, anus, and vagina, all of which words were used publicly by Melissa McEwan, who is still on the John Edwards presidential campaign staff because he refused to fire her. And my question, first: Surely the President would never put up with such public obscenity like former Senator Edwards is doing, would he?

February 16

Q Thank you, Tony. Two questions. Can you recall any other case in American history where the United States Senate unanimously voted to approve a general to top command in a war zone and then passed a resolution opposing what that general has stated that he has been ordered to be there to do?

February 20

Q Thank you. The Associated Press reported from Orangeburg, South Carolina yesterday that Hillary Clinton announced that the confederate flag should be removed from the war memorial in Columbia’s Statehouse grounds. And my question, does the President agree or disagree with this Hillary request?

Q Does the President believe that Mississippi’s state flag needs to be changed because it has the confederate battle flag and that the 15-star replica of the Star Spangled Banner, now flying at Fort McHenry, should be removed because it was the flag of a slave nation?

Q Okay, last one. The name of George Washington — President Lincoln in 1842 said that, “The name of George Washington is the mightiest name on earth — long since the mightiest in the cause of civil liberty; still the mightiest in moral reformation.” You’re familiar with that statement?

[That’s Les on the right in his Confederate General outfit.]

Q Does the President believe President Lincoln was wrong in saying this because President Washington owned slaves?

February 26

Q “Clinton Fights to Keep Impeachment Taboo: Campaigns Know to Expect Swift Reprisals for any Hint of the Scandal.” And my question — first question — does the President believe that if any Republican candidate were to agree to such censorship of important American history, that the bulk of American voters would not be outraged?

Q All right. Certainly. The (APPLAUSE.) quotes Governor Mitt Romney in Merrimack, New Hampshire as saying that he, “relishes the furious infighting that has consumed Senators Clinton and Obama,” and “It’s great, isn’t it? I love to see it when it happens on the other side.” How can we interpret a refusal by you to comment as anything other than the President’s sharing Governor Romney’s expressed delight?

February 27

Q Tony, thank you. Two questions. The President is well-known to be a devout Christian, so I presume he will not evade the question — how does he feel about the Titanic director’s claim of discovering the allegedly permanent burial site of the Gospel-reported resurrected Christ, together with alleged Jesus, wife and son?

[Devout Christian Les Kinsolving prays during his sydnicated radio program.]

February 28

Q Tony, thank you. Two questions. Since the President’s one-time election opponent is the only Vice President ever to win the Academy Award’s Oscar, did the President send him congratulations?

Q Is this because — the fact that you don’t know that he sent him congratulations due to the fact that the President believes the award should have been for science fiction?

8 thoughts on “A Month of Les

  1. According to the book Raven, by Tim Reiterman, Les Kinsolving was the first major journalist to call bullshit on the Reverend Jim Jones when he was still considered a respectable religious figure and political player. Just sayin.

  2. The mind reels.
    I kinda wish somebody had been there on the 13th to remind him of what the Vice President said to Leahy on the floor of the Senate, which the President seemed to put up with just fine.
    Still, sometimes Les is good for a laugh. I mean, that second question on the 28th, that’s a hoot.

  3. By any chance, does Les serve the ShrubCo administration by keeping others from asking real questions?
    Also, thanks for the recognition

  4. how long was jeffy-lube there? does Fux gnews have somebody there? or does that critter actually do his job?

  5. “…It’s time to say good-bye to Les…”
    …it would seem that we are going to be stuck with good ol’ Les until such time as he fires up a web site professing his sexual endowment and offering a list of services provided. That has proven to be the only line in the sand from which Bushco can be shamed into retreating…

  6. Seeing them all lined up like that is really mind-boggling. Is there anyone else in the Press Corps who has been so continuously stupid, so unendingly partisan and so thoroughly a waste of time and space? Who IS this guy, anyway? Who did he fuck to get his position?

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