Your President Speaks!

This past Friday, in New Albany, Indiana.

Why Am I Here?

I want to talk about schools and the federal role in schools relative to local governments — is what we’re here to talk about.

I Want To Become Teachers

You’ve seen a lot of decent people come here to teach, I’ll bet you — a lot of people who said, I want to put my community first, and became teachers and principals and caring citizens of the state.

More Like A Poodle

He was the watchdog for the people’s money — it’s what’s called the OMB.

It’s If Not The!

So there is a bill coming up for reauthorization called the No Child Left Behind Act. I happen to think it’s if not the, one of the most substantial pieces of legislation I will have had the honor to sign — I’ve signed a lot.

We Need More Money For Grammar Instruction, Obviously

Now, I recognize the federal government only spends about 7 percent of the total education budgets around the country, and, frankly, that’s the way I think it should be. In other words, if local people are responsible or the state is responsible, that’s where the primary funding ought to come.

It’s Your Schools

It ought to be your accountability system; after all, it’s your schools.

Is This Black and Decker Elementary?

Here’s what your principal said. He said, “We drill down in the data.” In other words, they take the data and drill down — I presume you meant analyze a lot.

Use The Accountability!

I appreciate very much the fact that this school uses the accountability to focus on teaching techniques.

Have Got The Heart Attack

Sometimes, probably not in this school, but sometimes teachers have got the right heart, but they don’t have the techniques necessary to deliver the results that are expected.

Damn Fancy Sophisitcation

In other words, we’re able to measure whether or not all children — and by the way, we disaggregate results — that is a fancy, sophisticated word meaning that we’re able to focus on demographic groups.

This Child Left Behind

We can do some other things around.

Math And Science Doesn’t Have Cachet

Math and science are really important subjects. I can remember — math and science probably doesn’t have cachet, it’s not cool, but it’s important to emphasize math and science.

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Getting The Information To Students

Sometimes the best intentions get stuck in getting the information to students.

Old Habits Die Hard

And so I work with the Mayor, a Democrat Mayor — a Democratic Mayor — who, by the way, believes what I believe, that when you find failure you can’t accept it.

Here Is Some Reforms

So here’s some reforms I look forward to working with Congress on.

4 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Of course he uses that bullying tactic on all the Ph.D’s to “put them in their place” right up front. The the high school mean girl/jock routine. Where you mock someone’s skill because you have power over them.
    It would be fun for one of those Teachers to after the President got down with his remarks, grade them for clarity, grammatical skills and clarity.

  2. And he, of all people, has no right in this world or the next to condescend to anyone.

  3. Nora, is he explaining the word or is he, in an Orwellian fashion, giving the word a new meaning to corrupt the significance a concept may have had in the past?????
    Either way, I agree with you, it isn’t charming. It is condescending.

  4. I can’t be the only one who LOATHES Bush’s cute little habit of “explaining” hard words, as if he knows what they mean and none of us simpletons could possibly figure them out without his help.

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