My Hometown Racist

Yes, we have them. Even in enlightened Austin, we have our share of racist dicks.

A controversial racial remark on the radio sets off fireworks.

Sam Allred made the comments about Sen. Barack Obama on KVET’s “Sam and Bob in the Morning” show. Allred is on suspension.

The local NAACP is filing a formal complaint.


Here is a transcript Sam Allred and Bob Cole’s discussion:

Allred said: “What happened to Bama Rock or whatever his name is?”
Cole said: “He’s moving up in the polls. Obama.”
Allred said: “He’s a likeable guy.”
Cole said: “He’s clean is what what’s-his-name said. Joe Biden told us that.”
Allred said: “Clean darky.”
Cole said: “Sammy!”

Far from appologizing, Allred defends his right to call Barak Obama a “darky”.

“I got the right to say, you know,” said Allred. “It’s called the First Amendment, and you get the right to say anything.”

Austin columnist John Kelso explains why we all hope this episode will finally lead to Allred’s removal from our airwaves.

Sammy Allred, of KVET’s Sam & Bob Show, is in deep water on the air for calling U.S. Sen. Barack Obama a “clean darky.” For this, Allred has been suspended by the station.

Sammy says he was just making fun of a clumsy remark about Obama made by U.S. Sen. Joe Biden. I believe him.

Sammy’s not a racist; he’s got a multiple personality disorder. Sometimes he’s a pain in the butt, other times he’s a jerk. And he’s been that way a long time.


Sammy is such an annoying old grump that the big question around town these days isn’t whether he’s a racist. The real question people are wondering about is whether the guy is finally going to get run off the air. If Obama gets Allred canned, he could carry Travis County. ‘Course, if you fired everybody for being a jerk, the unemployment rate would go up about 37 percent in this town.

The typical shtick on the Sam and Bob show goes like this. You call up. Sammy answers the phone, calls you a moron or a stupid idiot and hangs up on you. Then he reads an ad for Osgood Heating and Plumbing.

So, there are people all over Austin right now who are thinking about going to the Hallmark store so they can send Barack Obama a thank-you note.

2 thoughts on “My Hometown Racist

  1. I’ll sign that thank you card.
    I am so sick of listening to some of the folks I work with yukking it up over “what Sam and Bob said this morning” on their way to work.
    and the real question about Sammy is when is he going to retire? Dude’s been doing the same tired crap since I was in college.
    And like they say on the Ranch Style Bean ads, well, that’s too long.

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