Drop Karl A Line For Me

From today’s Froomkin:

The use of RNC e-mail by White House staffers is apparently is not entirely unusual.

Also in Tuesday’s document dump was a Jan. 8, 2007 e-mail from Steve Bell, the chief of staff to Sen. Pete Domenici, about the senator’s preferred replacement for fired U.S. attorney David Iglesias. Bell sent that e-mail to three people — including one “kr@georgewbush.com”.

I wonder who that was.

2 thoughts on “Drop Karl A Line For Me

  1. TheaLogie says:

    Yet another weirdzo domain name. I wonder if someone’s run a WHOIS check on what’s going on?

  2. Jack K. says:

    …so, Karl’s trying to operate from an outside domain so his activities aren’t revealed in a .gov e-mail sweep, eh?

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