Your President Speaks!

Saturday, with Brazillian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, at Camp David.

The Way The President Has Told Me

It’s in the U.S. interest that we complete the Doha Round successfully. It is in — I think it’s in Brazil’s interest — at least that’s the way the President has told me.

Excuuuuse Me

There is no excuse for malaria to continuing to kill as many people as it does.

Jeff Gannon Is In Da’ House

We’ve been spending too much time doing business; now we need to do a little pleasure.

It’s The Only Discussions

All our trade discussions have centered on completing Doha. It’s the only discussions I’ve had with the President.

Too Bad Bar Wasn’t A Plan B Woman

I’ve been asked about Plan B’s before, on different subjects. And that kind of means you’re willing to retreat. I’m a Plan A man, just like the President is.

Is Our Children Learning?

And step one is — to be successful in these complex negotiations, is there a genuine desire to succeed.

He’s Generally Sic

But if you’re generally [sic] interested in eliminating poverty — and I am — commerce, trade, opportunity and hope will all flourish with the completion of the Doha Round.

I Think I Bent My Wookie

His intention is we want to work together to make sure all are treated fairly.

Tarzan Improve Environment

And therefore, when you get away from gasoline and start using ethanol or biofuels, you make a significant step toward improving environment — just to make sure I’m on the record here.

Go With Your First Guess, Chimpy

And as you mentioned, the trade that you were discussing was not in violation of any U.N. — in any U.N. mandate.

What A Major Threat To World Peace Is

Our position is that we would hope that nations would be very careful in dealing with Iran, particularly since Iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon, and a major threat to world peace is if the Iranians had a nuclear weapon.